WWE News: Tyson Kidd May Have To Retire From Wrestling Due To Neck Injury

As Tyson Kidd rehabs from the neck injury that he suffered last year, the former multiple-time WWE Tag Team champion may never wrestle again as the company is reluctant to clear him, according to Daily Wrestling News.

Just under two weeks ago, the legendary Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring competition as his issues with concussions never got better. Despite receiving medical clearance from several doctors, the most recent concussion test revealed the damage to his brain was more severe than originally thought.

With Kidd, his situation isn’t concussion-related, but more so with his neck. During a non-televised match against Samoa Joe last June, Kidd suffered a broken neck after taking a Muscle Buster finishing maneuver. The injury turned out to be not just serious but life-threatening as the break in his neck was reportedly just a few inches away from either paralyzing or killing him.

Months after the injury, Bruce Hart claimed that the WWE mistreated Kidd after he complained of neck pain, denying him the medical attention that he needed. However, Kidd denied Hart’s claims, stating he and Bruce have not had contact in a decade.

Per Daily Wrestling News‘ report, Kidd remains optimistic about returning to action in the future. Kidd’s real-life spouse and WWE Diva Natalya recently spoke to Reveal Magazine about his recovery and mindset moving forward.

“TJ’s injury was so severe compared to mine, he is doing ok. His recovery is a long, long process. We’re just so grateful we’ve had great doctors to work with and TJ is so strong mentally. He’s been wrestling for twenty years and it is his second injury. To be wrestling for as long as we have and to have so few injuries, it’s pretty shocking for him. He’s taking it really well, and every single day I think he gets physically stronger.”

However, the WWE is hesitant to the idea of cleaning him — just like they were Bryan. It’s especially more concerning when Bryan admitted to ESPN the night after his retirement that he was hiding more severe problems from the company.

“One of the things that’s been hard about this is I have had post-concussion seizures that I’ve hid for a long time. There was never any evidence to see why I would have these seizures but then we finally found some.”

Several WWE superstars have suffered broken necks but were able to rehab and come back. However, most of those superstars experienced neck issues for the rest of their careers, leading them on a path to early retirement. Names such as Edge, Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle dealt with post-op neck issues. Edge and Austin’s careers ended due to neck troubles.

[Image via WWE] [Image via WWE]Before his injury, Kidd seemed to finally be on track for a prominent role on WWE television. He was fresh off an impressive WWE Tag Team title reign with Cesaro and was headed for singles competition. The neck injury put an end to all of that and possibly his career.

If he can successfully recover from the injury, the 35-year-old graduate of the famous Stu Hart Dungeon likely has, at least, a few more years of solid in-ring competition left in him. While missing the ring is one thing, Natalya told Digital Spy her husband misses the life of a wrestler more.

“I think the hardest part for him, looking back on everything right now has been the fact that he misses his friends a lot. He misses his friends on the road.”

[Feature Image via WWE]