Donations Send Cancer Survivor To Disney World After All, Despite Father’s Attempt

A 4-year-old cancer survivor from Ohio, whose Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World was denied after her father refused to sign off on it, will get to go after all, thanks to generous donations that have come pouring in.

Fox News reports that McKenna May’s mom and grandmother have announced the staggering amount of donations will allow them to pay for the 4-year-old’s trip on their own. McKenna’s donation fund has topped $11,000 online, for the young Ohio resident, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010.

Over the course of her treatment, she underwent 15 spinal taps, skin burns, multiple chemotherapy treatments and steroid injections. She will no be able to call herself “cancer free” until five years after her last treatment.

The young girl’s Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World was granted, but the organization’s rules require a signature from both parents. While McKenna May’s mom signed off on the trip, her father refused. William May, McKenna’s father, stated on Thursday that:

“What she’s been through sucks. But I think any money that the organization hands out to children, should go to dying kids. Not cured ones.”

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, McKenna’s mom and grandmother will use the donations to pay for the trip in August, and will give the remaining donations to charity. The 4-year-old’s grandmother, Lori Helppie, stated Friday that:

“We didn’t do this to get rich. We did it to fulfill her dream, and people’s hearts just opened up.”

Since their donations started, Helppie stated, “I’ve been offered cars, vacation homes.” The pair will be shutting down online donations on Friday, and will give the remaining to Jamie’s Dream Team, which is helping them get to Disney World. The organization helps people who are disabled, terminally ill, or suffering a serious medical condition.

The Sentinel-Tribune reports that young McKenna May is unaware of the donations that have been pouring in to help her achieve her wish of going to Disney World.