Joey Feek Cancer Update: Joey Cooks Dinner For Family From Hospice Bed

Joey Feek has been confined to her hospice bed for months now, but that doesn’t mean she has stopped trying to contribute to her family.

On Sunday, February 21, Rory Feek, Joey’s husband and the second half of the country music duo Joey+Rory, posted a picture on their Facebook page of Joey cooking dinner from her bed.

“when a mother can’t get to the kitchen to help make her family dinner… you bring the kitchen to mama,” Rory captioned the photo that showed Joey blending together ingredients.

Joey Feek cooks dinner
The past week has definitely been one Joey and Rory will remember for the rest of their lives. To start off the week, the couple released their final album Joey+Rory: Hymns That Are Important To Us, which has already sold out in many stores across the country.

“Our manager Aaron called us yesterday morning and told us that lots of folks have been buying our new Hymns album and that stores across the country have had a hard time keeping them in stock since they went on sale earlier this week,” Rory wrote of their album that was release on February 12 on his blog This Life I Live. “I put it on speaker phone so Joey could listen and hear the wonderful news and say hi to Aaron.”

Despite all Joey has been going through, she still made sure to tell Rory to use a portion of the money from their album sales to help others, even though they could really use the income for themselves

Joey and Rory just released their newest album.
“When we hung up, Joey and I sat there holding hands… knowing that in time those sales could turn into some income for our family and that could really help, now that there are no more concerts or income from shows,” Rory continued. “We talked about what a blessing it was, and then she looked at me very seriously and said, ‘I need you to do something for me….’ I told her I would be glad to. Then with all the sincerity in the world, she said, ‘I need you to be generous… God has blessed us so much. We need to bless others.'”

On Sunday, February 14, the couple celebrated what will likely be their last Valentine’s Day together. Rory braved the Indiana blizzard to retrieve sushi for his wife, and then they spent the evening having a candlelight dinner and reminiscing about years past.

“Her three sisters helped her with make-up and she put on a nice shirt and scarf to look pretty for me… and we both even wore sweet corsages that someone sent to us in the mail for the big day (I hadn’t even seen a corsage since my senior prom). We lit a candle and together, we shared an incredible Valentines day evening,” Rory wrote.

Joey and Rory Feek share what may be their last Valentine's Day together.
On Monday, February 15, the couple, who was nominated for this year’s Best Vocal Duo, watched the Grammy Awards together with their family in the comfort of their home. Although they didn’t win, Rory said they were overwhelmed to simply be nominated.

“The morning after the award show, Joey looked into my eyes and said, ‘I’m sorry we didn’t win us a Grammy.’ I smiled and said, ‘that’s okay.’ Then jokingly, I added, ‘…there’s always next year.’ She smiled back at me and said, ‘yes… next year.’ And then she talked about how if we were to ever be nominated again, that I have to promise her that I would go. And I told her that I would. Then her smile widened and she winked and said, ‘and guess what… I’ll know the winner before you do.'”

Joey and Rory Feek
To top off the week, Joey lived to see the most important event of them all- her daughter Indiana’s second birthday. In December, Joey said she hoped to live to see her daughter’s birthday, and she did.

“For the most part, Indiana’s big day was nothing but joy and more joy,” Rory wrote. “She has a way of bringing even the most painful parts of life back into perspective.”

“We decorated the room that Joey is staying in and set Indy’s high-chair with a ballon on it right beside her bed… so Joey could see and be part of the whole thing,” he added.

joey and rory feek birthday cancer birthday grammys
[Photo by Rick Diamond/ Getty Images]