'Insta-Fire' On 'Shark Tank' -- Instant Fire Starters Offer 15 Percent Off Sale For 'Shark Tank' Viewers

The "Insta-Fire" entrepreneur appeared on Shark Tank on Sunday, February 21. The Insta-Fire makers walked into Shark Tank carrying fire on a platter, and with the Insta-Fire logo on their shirts and fire in their hands and other places, the Insta-Fire owners made quite the impression on the Shark Tank shark investors.

As seen in the attached YouTube video, the Insta-Fire claims to help fire-starters start their fires a lot easier. Available on Amazon and via other retailers displayed on the Insta-Fire website, the InstaFire makers currently have a Shark Tank special sale listed on their website.
Shark Tank Fans! Watch us Sunday Feb 21st 10|9 Central on ABC after a Disney's 60th anniversary special!All prices are 15% OFF until end of February.
The purpose of Insta-Fire is to help folks start a fire during inclement weather, which can be tough weather conditions to start a fire within. The Insta-Fire makers related that folks can even use their products to start a fire in your fireplace. InstaFire boasts no harmful chemicals, said the makers to the intrigued Shark Tank investors.

Called environmentally friendly, Insta-Fire created a big buzz on Shark Tank due to claims of no bad chemicals the refreshing pine scent it contains. The makers said Insta-Fire can be added to a fire every 15 to 20 minutes to keep it going -- with Insta-Fire claiming to be water resistant. With InstaFire able to float on water, and continue to burn in winds of 30 miles per hour, it seems like a product that would go great at parties.

The below YouTube video shows what happened when one consumer tested InstaFire for himself. The YouTube user used the small bags of Insta-Fire, then walked away from the fire to give it time. The first experiment didn't go so well, even though his logs weren't that wet. He tried again and found that having more kindling to start a fire likely works better. He reported that the Insta-Fire might work well for folks performing Dutch oven cooking.

The YouTube user still decided he'd give Insta-Fire another try, and looked forward to purchasing the five gallon buckets of Insta-Fire.

There is a mixture of customer reviews for Insta-Fire on Amazon, with plenty of consumers giving Insta-Fire 5-star reviews and calling it the only way to start a fire. One review says there are better alternatives on the market than Insta-Fire. Either way, it's an intriguing product that definitely appeals to folks who are survivalists and like to believe they will always have what they need in an emergency.

On their own website, the Insta-Fire folks explain the benefits of their product.

Safe, Easy Fire Starting

Insta-Fire is a safe, simple, and versatile product that starts fires quickly. With its water-repellent properties, fifteen-minute burn time, and thirty-year shelf life, Insta-Fire is sure to be your new favorite fire-starting tool. Use Insta-Fire to light campfires, prepare charcoal briquettes, or as a safe and reliable fuel source for cooking while camping or in emergencies.

Insta-Fire is available in an array of sizes, so we can accommodate our customers individually. From large, 5-gallon orders for long-term storage to 1/2 cup single packets for quick grilling, Insta-Fire can make your life much easier in so many different ways. Learn more about Insta-Fire today and get started on your order. Contact us for more information or for help with choosing the right size for your fire-starting needs.

The Insta-Fire product seems a whole lot easier than the long, drawn out process that the "Primitive Technology" YouTube guy endures, as reported by The Inquisitr, to get his fires going and use it to make charcoal.

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