Stone Cold Steve Austin Tries Fancy Cocktails For The First Time And That’s Not The Bottom Line! [Video]

For the majority of WWE fans who grew up during the company’s Attitude Era, they have fond memories of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Known for flipping birds, colorful language, stomping mud holes, and causing mayhem for Mr. McMahon, Austin is recognized as that era’s biggest star. He is also recognized for being the one man who’s gimmick won the Monday Night Wars.

Though Stone Cold Steve Austin in general was memorable, there are certain characteristics and traits that stand out about his character in which everyone likes. One such characteristic or trait is his preference for beer, especially after he won a match. Austin would go to all four turnbuckles and chug two “Steveweisers” per turnbuckle.

Apparently, trend-creator company and website Buzzfeed thought challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin’s preference to beer would be entertaining. Thanks to them, Austin tried out an alcoholic beverage he is not known for drinking: mixed cocktails. Believe it or not, that’s not the bottom line! The bottom line is Stone Cold Steve Austin’s opinion for each drink, and some are quite colorful.

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According to Buzzfeed, Stone Cold Steve Austin made an appearance at their headquarters up in New York City to chat about his show Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, a reality television show on CMT in which eight contestants, either male or female, compete in a series of physical challenges at Austin’s “Broken Skull Ranch.” The contestants try to use their athletic backgrounds including CrossFit, Spartan Racer, Tough Mudder, MMA, and professional wrestling, to survive to the very end. The winner might possibly take home $10,000 prize and a chance to win more.

Stone Cold Steve Austin even talked about making his own iconic India pale ale (IPA) known as the El Segundo Brewing Company, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA. Buzzfeed thought it would be cool to “mix things up” and have Austin try out some “fancy” cocktails, see if he would actually like any of them. What Austin said about each cocktail was “the bottom line” and most are not favorable, as seen in the video attached below. Please note Austin is famous for using profanity, and he uses plenty of it in the following video.

As seen from the video above, most of the cocktails did not agree with the multi-time champion in WCW and WWE, podcast interviewer, television host, and movie star. Austin gave negative feedback on the birthdaytini, sex on the beach, and the jolly rancher shot. All three of them are known to be sugary tasting cocktails made for those who have a sweet tooth, especially those who actually don’t like the taste of alcohol. All one has to do is look at the birthdaytini to understand just how much fluff it has. The rim of the glass is coated with sprinkles.

This does not mean Stone Cold Steve Austin hated every mixed drink he was given. He was able to finish the appletini in which he gave an alcoholic’s reason to keep drinking it.

“Apples are good for you, so an appletini a day probably would keep the doctor away.”

The one mixed drink Stone Cold Steve Austin did like was the cosmopolitan, which is the least sugary of the mixed cocktails he was given. Summarized, it is two mixed hard liquors (lemon vodka and Cointreau) with a citrus kick (cranberry juice, squeezed lime, orange zest). The Buzzfeed crew was probably surprised Austin actually liked one of them as he not only finished off the cosmopolitan, but gave it a thumbs up.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for WWE]