Fiverr Opens Door For Music Artists To Collaborate While Creating Opportunities For Corporate Workers To Leave Their Jobs For Freelancing

Fiverr and the internet have changed the way that music will be released from now on. Toronto musician and guitarist Amir Dayan wanted to find a cost-effective way to record and produce his music. That’s when he turned to Fiverr.

Digital Journal reported that the Toronto musician turned to Fiverr where he found a singer by the name of Addie. Although he had never met the singer, he listened to some music samples of her voice and decided to hire her for a gig. Fiverr offers all types of products and services, called gigs, for just $5 each.

After being blown away by her work on the gig and thinking Addie should be signed to a major record label, Dayan sent the lyrics and music of his song “Dreaming Of You” to Addie, and that’s when the hit single was born. Together they collaborated on a music video that features both Amir and Addie, something that had never been done before in the music industry. Amir now sells the song from his website as well as iTunes. Amir said that the work he had done showed that musicians don’t have to break the bank to create a hit song.

“I have shown that Independent artists don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to be heard when they have the Internet at their disposal. A lot of un-signed artists believe that without the backing of a record label their music will never get heard; I have shown that this is not the case.”

Not only did Amir use Addie to do the vocals on the song, he also hired additional musicians from Fiverr to perform in the video, and he used services from Fiverr to help produce the video. The song is now considered to be one of the best contemporary songs of 2014, and if it gets enough fans behind it, it could get airplay on commercial radio stations around the world, another way the song broke the rule book.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, although many of the Fiverr gigs only pay $5, it’s a simple way for those with a some in demand skills to easily make several hundred dollars a month working part time. Some Fiverr sellers have done far better and many make six figure incomes from their work on the gig site.

Forbes reported that for those who were looking to the leave the corporate world, freelancing might be the answer. Before leaving the corporate world, it was important to know certain things so that the new freelancer is successful. Intuit projected that by 2020, about 40 percent of the workforce will be freelancers.

For those considering transitioning into freelance work, Senior Director of Business Development and Strategy for Fiverr, Constantine Anastasakis, had some tips. The first thing he recommended is to remember that millions of others have transitioned into freelancing. With the right preparation, this transition can be a lot less choppy.

One way to try out freelancing ahead of time to make sure it’s a good fit is to try out sites like Fiverr and do a simple gig. Freelancing on the side for awhile can help to mitigate some of the risk, and help to build income as well as clientele before making the switch to full time. For freelancers on Fiverr, like Redd Horrocks, setting attainable goals allowed the freelancer to make a seamless transition and build up to a six-figure income before leaving her job.

[Photo by Fiverr]