Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon Releases Her Tax Returns In Connecticut Senate Race

Linda McMahon, the former WWE wrestling executive who is running for Senate in Connecticut, has finally released her 2010 tax returns ahead of the state’s primary elections, where she will appear on the ballot as a Republican-endorsed candidate. reports that the tax returns were provided to The Associated Press, and show that most of the income she and her husband Vince received came from stock dividends. The couple, who live in Greenwich, paid $4.7 million in federal taxes and earned $30.6 million in 2010.

Tim Murtaugh, McMahon’s campaign spokesman, informed that the candidate intends to release her 2011 tax returns, but they are currently being held up by two missing documents that have to do with investment income.

Murtaugh warned that the 2011 returns may not be available before the August 14th primary, where Linda McMahon will face her challenger, former U.S. Representative Christopher Shays. Murtaugh stated:

“We’ve elected to release the 2010 returns in the meantime. We are doing this because we have been frustrated in our attempts to complete the 2011 (returns).”

The Huffington Post reports that the Connecticut Democratic Party has been pressuring McMahon to divulge her tax information, but until Friday, she did not give in. State party chair Nancy DiNardo stated Wednesday:

“Linda McMahon spends a lot of time talking about taxes, but she still refuses to come clean about her own.”

It seems that McMahon has agreed to disclose them, although she is still being criticized for filing an extension for the 2011 taxes that could mean they will not be released until mid-October.

The Hill notes that tax returns have been a huge contention on the 2012 campaign trail, with President Barack Obama pressuring his Republican rival Mitt Romney to release more than one year of tax returns. So far, Romney has not caved to the pressure, and has only released records for 2010.

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