Missing Person Michelle Inch May Have Been A Victim Of Foul Play, Friends And Family Need Answers

Missing person Michelle Inch is a 33-year-old daughter to Gary and Linda Inch of Montoursville, Pennsylvania. She has been missing since January 26, and now Pennsylvania State Police fear this missing person may be the victim of foul play.

Michelle Lynn Inch had been dating 27-year-old Michael Jason Houseweart, of Canton, Pennsylvania, off and on for about two years. According to Penn Live, things started to go sour in the relationship between the couple sometime after Christmas 2015. The couple had been living with Inch’s parents, but Houseweart moved back to Canton and into a home with some roommates at some point.

MIchelle Inch

At some point on the morning of January 26, Inch and her parents went to the state police barracks in Montoursville to resolve the matter of a stolen check from Michelle’s parents that had been deposited into Michelle’s checking account. Someone in Canton had been trying to steal money from their account from an ATM.

Michelle Inch also had a stolen check, written out to Michael Houseweart, which was cashed and deposited in a bank in Canton.

The next morning, at about 3 a.m., Houseweart and a friend of his, Brian Matthew Vroman, allegedly broke into the Inch’s home and tied 66-year-old Linda Inch and 71-year-old Gary Inch up with duct tape while they stole items from the home. Houseweart and Vroman then set the house on fire, leaving the couple to die in their burning home.

However, Linda Inch reportedly managed to break free and run to the neighbor’s home for help. Gary Inch was saved by Montoursville firefighters when he was found unresponsive on the second floor of the home. He was taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation and later released.

Houseweart turned himself into the police later on Wednesday and admitted his involvement in the home invasion and fire. He also implicated Vroman in the incident.

Hours before the break in at the Inch home, Houseweart and Vroman were captured on surveillance video at the Walmart in Montoursville purchasing duct tape and gloves. They had used Michelle Inch’s car to get to the store, according to the Associated Press.

In the meantime, police were attempting to locate the missing person, Michelle Inch. She had not been seen since 5 p.m. on January 26, when roommates of Houseweart claimed Inch and Houseweart left in her car, a dark Honda Accord, to practice shooting a gun.

Michelle’s car was found near railroad tracks in a rural area near Canton on the next day after Houseweart turned himself in to police. The car had blood on the outside of it, causing police to think Michelle may have been the victim of foul play.

Police have sent the blood to be tested and matched to Michelle’s DNA, but the results of that test have not been released yet.

According to police, Houseweart and Vroman, who are being held on 43 counts which include attempted homicide, arson, robbery and aggravated assault, are not cooperating to say what happened to Michelle Inch. Police believe a partial motive for their actions was “money,” according to WNEP.

In the meantime, friends are not giving up the search for Michelle Inch. While police and even divers have searched areas which Houseweart and Inch were known to visit and have come up with nothing, friends of Michelle can’t stop looking for her until they can bring her home.

Michelle Inch

Friend of Michele, Tammi Knight, says the family needs closure.

“She deserves to come home and have closure for the friends and family. Mostly for the family, they are struggling as well.”

Anyone who has information about the disappearance of Michelle Inch is urged to call the police at (570) 368-5700.

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