August 24, 2017
Hugh Jackman Giving Fans 'Wolverine 3' Adaptation of 'Old Man Logan' In 2017

Hugh Jackman asked fans what his last portrayal of Wolverine should look like. Hugh Jackman will please legions of comic book readers by adapting the Old Man Logan storyline for cinema screens. Jackman posed the question to fans last summer. That should have given producers at Fox enough time to research the comics and flesh out a storyline before the movie's 2017 release. Old Man Logan first ran in comics in 2008 and 2009, showing an older, passive, loner Wolverine in a universe ruled by villains. Wolverine was a family man, choosing to take the peaceful route until he had seen too much abuse.

The aging Hugh Jackman is at the perfect stage to portray Old Man Logan. The 47-year-old Jackman probably doesn't possess the healing factor that Wolverine does. He can play an even older version Wolverine for his last outing. With a bit of make up and hair coloring, he can get the aged appearance needed. Old Man Logan, at least at the start of it, puts Wolverine out there in a barren land, riding a horse like an old cowboy. Jackman certainly has the look for putting on a cowboy hat, riding solemnly across a lonely desert.

But Old Man Logan goes really far out there, especially since Wolverine eventually finds himself in Battleworld. The later continuation of the Old Man Logan story has Wolverine surviving the reformation of the Marvel Universe. It wouldn't make sense for a 20th Century Fox movie to take an Old Man Logan adaptation to its comic book conclusion, especially since it deals closely with characters that Fox does not own, like Bruce Banner and a family of Hulks.Another reason fans are looking forward to this is because of Deadpool's R-rated superhero success. As Den of Geek! reports, Wolverine 3 will also aim to carry an R-rating. Fans think this will allow the movie to portray the comic book story in all its gruesome glory. Wolverine's claws are made of a material that can indeed cut through flesh, among many other things. Adamantium is a strong metal, maybe the hardest material known to the Marvel Universe, outside of Vibranium. But in previous movies Wolverine has kept things relatively tame, compared to what he is capable of.Currently, Hugh Jackman is promoting his upcoming film Eddie the Eagle. The movie is not about a superpowered hero, but a more down to earth story of an underdog Olympic skier. Jackman plays the mentor to the British ski jumper. He stars alongside Taron Egerton, who plays Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. Egerton starred in the British spy agency movie Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Earlier this month, at a press conference for Eddie, Deadpool's Ryan Reynold's couldn't resist crashing in on the festivities. Reynold's gave Jackman an ill prepared, but funny, buddy buddy interview. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman met as Deadpool and Wolverine in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Eddie the Eagle will reach theaters by February 26.

Jackman spoke a little about the message behind Eddie the Eagle to Guide Live.

"It's about actually finding the thing you like to do and just persevering with it and that's enough. It's a timely message with the kids of today. They have a lot of pressure, at least more than I can remember as a kid."
While Jackman was around the Bay Area promoting Eddie the Eagle, he joined the recently retired star running back Marshawn Lynch for a high school football practice in Oakland. They teamed up to coach and inspire the youngsters at Oakland Tech High School.

X-Men and comic book fans are certainly going to miss seeing Hugh Jackman on screen as Wolverine again, after Wolverine 3, so the story really has to be a fitting send off for Hugh Jackman.

[Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for 20th Century Fox]