Furry Nails: The Funny, Furry Nail Trend For 2016 — Don’t Worry, It’s Fake Fur!

There’s a funny new nail trend that’s emerging on social media, one that shows a bunch of fur popping up on a person’s nails. Photos of the furry nails being shared are courtesy of the Libertine fashion show, where the fake fur appeared on nails, as reported by Today.

The same woman who revolutionized the gel nail industry with her Shellac polishes is the same person behind the furry nails trend. Jan Arnold of Creative Nail Design (CND) created the furry nails for several designers. In order to create the furry nails look, CND employed the use of white and brown nail polish and a top coat prior to using fake coats of fur atop the nails.


Indeed, plenty of furry pieces of fake fur can be seen in recent Instagram posts on the CND account. And it’s that creativity that is going viral and causing plenty of commentary on the web as the photo of the furry nails floats across the Internet.

Already, people are recreating the furry nails trend online, with kits for sale all the way from the U.K. to across the pond to America.

As reported by New Country 96.3 KSCS, the furry nail trend is one that’s catching a lot of attention. A photo of furry nails posted on February 19 to their Facebook account has gained nearly 20,000 Facebook shares and more than 4,400 comments since it was posted. The reaction to the viral Facebook photo of the furry nails is coming through in the comments section, with many folks giving a thumbs down to the fur on nails look.

“Check out the latest trend. Furry Nails. I’m not sure I could do this, not really practical.”

“Won’t shake their hand, pretty sure they all skip washing their hands too keep from getting their fur wet.”

“Only for women who don’t cook or clean. Not only is it disgusting but it looks hideous.”

Others see the possibility of the furry nails.

“You would always have makeup brushes handy.”

On Instagram, the #furrynails hashtag enjoys 712 posts while #furnails has 580 posts.


Most reactions to the furry nails photos feature folks wondering how a person who sports the fake fur on their nails can do simple household tasks like washing dishes, or even washing their hands. However, it seems like a moot point with the furry nails trend — because just like a bear who wades into a lake and gets his fur wet, it eventually dries. Although animals sport real fur, the furry nails and their fake fur are likely able to get wet and then dry without much issue.

Some people see absolutely no problem with sporting fur or a furry-like texture on their nails.


Others are calling the furry nails trend weird, and writing comments like “yuck” beneath the photos. Others joke about the furry nails, writing that if they can’t eat Cheetos and sport the furry nails trend, they want no part of putting fake fur on their nails.

Called bizarre and daring, the furry nails trend is certainly causing plenty of talk across social media.

As written on the wendy_said_what Instagram account, the furry nails beg a host of questions.

“Furry Nails – Yes or No?

“What do you do when you wash your hands? Eat Cheetos? Go #2, change a diaper, put gel in your hair, take a shower, cook? Eat Chicken wings? Change your tampon or #divacup? I if you are a#nosepicker I bet this is your worst nightmare! #furrynails #stupidtrends#makesnosense #whyohwhy #nonailpolish”

Expect more and more crazy photos of furry nails to appear online, as people begin duplicating the trend with seriously long fake and fuzzy fur.

Some furry nails are over the top.


Some furry nails are more subtle and elegant.

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