Kendall Jenner Confesses Harry Styles Smells Bad And Argues With Caitlyn Over Victoria’s Secret Runway Show [Video]

Maybe now we have a reason why Kendall Jenner has an on again, off again relationship with Harry Styles — apparently, the One Direction Brit has some hygiene issues. In a clip from the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall reveals to Kylie Jenner that her ex-boyfriend has less than sweet-smelling armpits.

Kendall even tried to get Styles to take more showers and use better deodorant, but it was to no effect, Jenner laments to her sister in the episode. In the clip, Kendall confides to her sister that she encouraged the rocker to “shower more and told him a little deodorant never hurts.”

Jenner isn’t the first celebrity to gag over Harry and his bad hygiene. Apparently, Taylor Swift, who dated Styles in 2013, confessed that she would not kiss Harry because he had ”the worst breath.’

Kendall and Harry recently split after reuniting for a few months, but it’s not clear if they were anything more than “friends with benefits.” Even Kendall Jenner’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, wasn’t sure, indicating that she did not know “if they’re like boyfriend-girlfriend,” since their relationship could have been anything. “Nowadays I don’t know. People are weird with stuff,” Khloe added.

An insider revealed that, as far as Harry was concerned, he and Kendall were never dating. In fact, “Harry doesn’t want to settle down,” and “would never get a serious girlfriend” the source confided. Although Styles was spotted getting cozy with Jenner, their relationship “was never anything official,” and now, particularly with her confession that Harry simply smells, as far as Kendall is concerned, “it’s very much off at the moment.”

The source added that although Kendall confided some embarrassing information about her ex, the pair aren’t feuding, and Jenner and Styles “are still going to carry on as friends.”

Kendall was recently spotted in New York City for Fashion Week, where she walked the catwalk for some of the biggest designers in the world. To top it off, Kendall and sister Kylie also introduced the world to their personal fashion brand — which is expected to fly off shelves when it hits stores. According to USA Today, Kendall also recently announced she’s partnering with Estee Lauder on a makeup-line, which makes sense, since she’s been the face of the brand for years, and is a guest editor for The Estee Edit.

The collaboration with Estee Lauder has produced a gorgeous eye shadow palette, which features makeup in shades of browns and purple, which Kendall Jenner frequently can be spotted wearing. The new make-up line will hit Sephora’s shelves in just a few weeks, on March 15.

During Fashion Week, Kendall was spotted on several catwalks, and wore clothes for Michael Kors, Vera Wang, and Victoria’s Secret, although the last led to some drama with her family. Apparently, Kendall did not want her family coming to the Victoria’s Secret runway show, and was hoping Caitlyn, in particular, wouldn’t make it.

The season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians reveals some of the tension between Kendall and Caitlyn over the runway show, with Caitlyn confronting Kendall. In a clip from the episode, Caitlyn tells Kendall that she is “upset because you said I couldn’t come.” Caitlyn Jenner, who is always supportive of her daughters, tells Kendall that “I was going to show up whether you said I could come or not.”

In response, Kendall tells Caitlyn Jenner that “[i]t was nothing personal,” but later admitted that everything “turned out amazing” during the New York Fashion Week. In the end, Caitlyn advised Kendall that she has “to realize we take it personal,” since Caitlyn always wants to see her children “fulfill their dreams.”

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]