Gwen Stefani Says She Found Out About No Doubt’s New Project With AFI Frontman Online

Gwen Stefani has been a busy lady recently, taking on a gig with The Voice (alongside her beau, Blake Shelton) at the same time she’s working on new music. While the singer has previously juggled her solo career with the demands of her successful band No Doubt, she admitted to Jimmy Kimmel recently that they have their own side project going on and she first heard about it online.

While it’s not clear what that says about the communication within her band, Stefani cleared up some confusion to Kimmel when she appeared on his show, saying the band had not replaced her but are doing something a little different with AFI frontman Davey Havok.

“I actually first heard about it on the Internet…they’re doing like, a side project, they wanna do a band, they wanna be in a punk band, so…it’s not No Doubt. All the guys from No Doubt are doing a new band, just to do new music,” Stefani said.

When news first began to spread online about the new band, many worried that the guys had kicked Gwen out, or that some sort of Van Halen/Van Hagar thing had happened (which Jimmy brought up). However, Stefani stressed that the band is not moving on without her, but rather doing something new.

Meanwhile, Gwen is busy balancing her schedule with Blake Shelton’s and trying to spend as much time as she can with the country star as he tours ahead of the new season of The Voice. Stefani even had a crew member on the phone during his Detroit concert recently so she could see it even though she couldn’t be there in person.

“A guy backstage tonight was next to a crew member face timing Gwen so she could watch Blake in concert! #gwenstefani #blakeshelton #tonight #gwenandblake #blakeandgwen,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Gwen has been pretty open in recent months about her relationship with Blake, although the duo don’t like to talk about it when they’re together. They haven’t been shy about making it clear that they have feelings for one another, even though Stefani only recently split from husband Gavin Rossdale after a cheating scandal. Gwen has poured her emotions into her music and recently debuted a live music video during the Grammy awards for “Make Me Like You,” which talks about both her heartbreaking split and her time with Blake.

The couple have already endured quite a few rumors about their relationship with several tabloids claiming she’s pregnant or that they’re ready to get married. Since Blake Shelton is also recently divorced–from fellow country star Miranda Lambert–it seems unlikely that they’ll go down that road so soon. But, with celebrities, you never can tell. Shelton took to Twitter recently to call out the media for their rampant updates on his life, saying he’d never seen so many outrageous stories about him.

“I’ve read more complete bullcrap about my personal life, my next album and my job on The Voice this week than ever before…EVER before!” Blake wrote.

Of course, there are negative stories floating around as well, from the rumor that Blake is unhappy because of all the media attention he’s getting since he started dating Gwen, to the one about Gwen and Christina Aguilera feuding because Aguilera is coming back to The Voice after taking time off for maternity leave. While a feud has not been proven, Shelton did say on Twitter that he was unhappy in a particular paparazzi shot, because he was sick of being hounded.

“I looked unhappy because there is always a herd of complete dip****s chasing us around taking pictures…” Shelton wrote on Twitter.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]