Former MTV Star Tila Tequila Slams ‘Mob Wives’ star, Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola’s Death — ‘Why Is Everyone So Sad?’

The world has been grieving the incredible loss of Mob Wives star, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola since her death on February 18. Big Ang lost her battle with stage four lung and brain cancer, and fans and followers have poured their support to those who loved her. There is at least one person who doesn’t understand why her fans are upset about her passing — and that person would be former MTV star, Tila Tequila.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Tila slammed Big Ang and felt confused by the support of a wife of a mob boss. According to Tequila, Big Ang’s husband was a mob boss and killed people for a living, so the fans should not feel sorry that she lost her battle to cancer. Apparently, Tila is in the habit of not fact checking before she throws shade on social media. If she had, she would have learned that Raiola’s uncle, Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi was connected to the mob, not her husband. Angela’s husband, Neil Murphy was a hard working contractor and sanitation services technician; therefore, he was not connected to the mob in any way.

Tila tried her best to get her followers to side with her by stating that Big Ang didn’t deserve praise for the way she lived her life and that America should turn their backs and not feel sadness for her passing. If her comments seem a tad harsh, that’s because they were just that, harsh, and out of line considering Angela Raiola has not been buried yet. Tequila included Big Ang’s heartbreaking deathbed images. The images were hard to see, as Mob Wives fans do not want to remember Big Ang in the way she looked right before she earned her wings.

Tila Tequila's comments about Big Ang

Tila’s followers reacted harshly to her comments and told her why she was deserving of the praise and respect. Tequila continued to reply to messages about Big Ang on Twitter, and Instagram defending her opinion. The fact is bashing a well-respected reality TV star less than one week after she passed away is in extremely poor taste, even by Tila Tequila standards. Just days before, Tila posted a picture of herself with Big Ang, praising her for her strength and genuine personality.

Tila’s flippant behavior is not a laughing matter and is the subject of an ongoing custody battle with her daughter, Isabella’s father Thomas Whitaker, who claims that Tequila is mentally unstable, delusional, and unfit to raise their child. Thomas is seeking full custody and is expected to have the judge rule in his favor.

Mob Wives Big Ang and Tila Tequila

Radar Online reported that Tila’s rant implied that the fans should not feel badly for Big Ang’s death because of the lives her family destroyed. Tequila called her husband a “serial murderer mobster” and questioned why the public felt her death was sad. On Saturday, Big Ang’s family honored her in a disco-themed memorial–which had an astonishing turnout. Family, friends, and loved ones lined around the block to pay their respected to the larger than life, reality TV star.

Big Ang had two throat surgeries last year and was declared cancer free. A few months ago, Big Ang’s doctor found a suspicious spot on her lung, and brain and diagnosed her with cancer. Her body stopped responding to chemotherapy, which caused her cancer to progress quickly to stage four. On February 18, 2016, Big Ang lost her battle with cancer and was finally free from the pain. Even though Tila Tequila has voiced her opinion that Mob Wives fans should not grieve for her, it hasn’t stopped her fans.

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