Gillian Flynn’s ‘Sharp Objects’ Coming To TV With Amy Adams

Sharp Objects was the breakthrough novel for author Gillian Flynn, which catapulted her career. To date, Flynn has written three books, two of which have been made into movies. Her first novel is now slated to finally breach the literary platform and make its way to TV.

As with all her other books, Sharp Objects has drawn enough appeal and topped the bestsellers list to warrant a visual adaptation. Although this will mark the first time that Flynn has had a venture into TV, she did have two other books that experienced runaway success that were turned into movies as well.

For those who do now know, Flynn is also the author of Gone Girl as well as Dark Places. Both of those have already had a successful run in the theatrical realm, with Gone Girl topping the box office thanks to the star prowess of actors Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

But Gillian Flynn has finally went back to where it all started for her and optioned to allow producers to turn Sharp Objects into a TV series event that fans of the author are sure to love. What’s even more stunning is that Amy Adams has signed on to play the female lead in the series, according to Deadline.

The production company eOne has optioned the book for series and will begin shopping it around to cable and/or streaming networks immediately.

It seems to just make good sense that Sharp Objects go straight for a cable or streaming platform given the content of the book and the amount of mature incidents that take place in it.

For those who are unfamiliar with the works of Gillian Flynn, she has been know to put out stories that draw in the standard American reader, but she is very unfiltered with her content. What might be just a standard love story coupled with a thriller, Flynn likes to push the envelope over the edge and include a lot of raw and gritty content.

In Sharp Objects, the story centers on a grown woman named Camille Preaker, which is who Adams will be portraying in the TV series. Preaker has a unique standing in the world of journalism in the bustling metropolis of modern day Chicago. But what is especially unique to her is that her small home town in Missouri may just have a serial killer on their hands and when her editor finds out she is from the small town, he naturally wants to send her home to do a story on the incidents.

Going home for her is no easy task, though. Preaker had a privileged life growing up, but it was not without its horrors. She lost a sister at an early age and the only father she ever knew was the man who claimed her soon after birth. Her mother is quite eccentric and together with her husband, they are raising a pre-teen girl who also seems to have a foul attitude toward life and the people of the small town.

The premise of Sharp Objects is Preaker’s own history of abuse from her mother, which caused her to use sharp objects to carve words into her skin. These words are permanent scars on her and she tries her best to cover them up. It has been a long time since she had used a sharp object to brand herself with another word, but at every turn in the book, she is pushed to a stressful point that makes her want to carve a new word on her.

Sharp Objects quickly develops to take on a strange twist at every turn in the story and she progresses as the only person who seems to be grounded in reality, even though she clearly still has an obsession with sharp objects.

There has been no word yet as to when or where the Sharp Objects TV series will land.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]