‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Complete Spoilers For Season 6, Episode 10 ‘The Next World’

The Walking Dead returns to AMC tonight for Season 6, Episode 10, titled “The Next World.” This is where TWD fans will find out what happens to Alexandria after Rick and his group let loose on a horde of walkers that didn’t look possible to beat. Of course, they do, and Alexandria is theirs again. Keep reading for a complete spoiler that gives up the goods on the entire upcoming episode.

“The Next World” will be slower than the TWD mid-season premiere, but that’s okay, because last week’s episode was so fast-paced and tense that fans could hardly breathe. Now, we all get to slow down for a little bit and see how Alexandria is doing after a time jump that completely skips over Carl’s recovery from getting shot in the eye, as well as the removal of about a million walker bodies from the streets of Alexandria.

According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, the main plot of “The Next World” is a supply run that Rick and Daryl will go on together. During their mission, Rick and Daryl will get a chance to renew their bond, and the vibe between them starts feeling more like brothers again, much like they were in previous seasons of The Walking Dead.

During their supply run, Rick and Daryl will run into the comic book favorite, Jesus. It all happens while the men are at a gas station, loading up a truck with supplies. Jesus will literally bump into Rick inside the gas station and steal the keys to his truck. Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl are distracted by a noise from behind the gas station and while they are investigating the fireworks Jesus set up to get them out back, he drives off with their truck full of supplies.

You’d think all was lost, but Rick and Daryl figure out where Jesus is headed and catch back up to their truck, where a struggle ensues. While Rick is busy taking on a pesky walker, Daryl and Jesus struggle over the truck which results in the parking break getting undone and the truck rolls right into the lake. Somehow Daryl and Jesus fall out of the truck before it enters the water, and Jesus is unconscious. Rather than leave him there, Rick and Daryl decide to take Jesus back to Alexandria and figure out who he is and what kind of threat he might bring. Until now, all the men have denied being part of a community, so imagine Jesus’ surprise when he wakes up inside Alexandria. We’re betting that Rick and Daryl will also learn about the Hilltop Colony, too.

Once they are safely back at Alexandria with Jesus in tow, this is where things really get interesting, and many fans of The Walking Dead will be excited.

Carl is going to find walker Deanna somewhere near Alexandria, but he won’t be able to kill her. We’ve read that he might be running around with Enid when they come across their former leader, and rather than take care of her themselves, Carl chooses to lead Deanna back home. Michonne is with Spencer when Carl leads Deanna back. According to reports, it is Spencer who kills walker Deanna, and then finds closure for her death. That’s when things get serious, and Michonne asks Carl why he didn’t just kill Deanna. Carl explains that someone who loves her should be the one to kill her. Then Carl says he would do that for Michonne. Their bond has become so intense that Michonne has literally taken on the role of Carl’s mother.

Which leads us to the final and most exciting part of The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10 “The Next World.” TWD fans have been campaigning for Rick to find love with Michonne for more than a year now, and there is even a campaign for Richonne to get together on social media. It looks like the writers listened, because that is happening in “The Next World.”

It looks like there will be a new deviation from the comic books where Rick actually hooks up with Andrea after Jessie. We’re told it all starts with a mint, and leads to Rick and Michonne having sex. This is apparently the first time they have been romantic, even though there was a huge time jump and near the end of the episode, they will be laying in bed together naked. That’s when Jesus is said to interrupt the new lovers when he comes into Rick’s room and tells him they need to talk.

Be sure to tune in for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10 “The Next World” on AMC on Sunday, February 21.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]