WWE News: John Cena Teasing A Match With The Undertaker At ‘WrestleMania 32’

Despite not being seen on WWE programming for a while, John Cena has made the news a lot in the last few days. First, he posted a very cryptic picture on Instagram that involved CM Punk, indirectly of course. He did not delete it, or even add a message to it. He is known for putting up pictures without a description to let people interpret what they please. However, he often puts them up to drop hints.

One example of this involved AJ Styles when he posted a simple picture of him. Now John Cena is at it again, as he posted a picture of The Undertaker on his Instagram. These pictures Cena puts up may not mean much to a lot of people, but to those who know Cena and his Instagram, the pictures are messages without actually being a direct thing. He is obviously not going to tell us anything, but he clearly can drop hints. Some will get it, some will not.

Cena leaves things open, which is nice. However, with his post regarding Undertaker, he surely dropped a big hint. It has been rumored for weeks that Cena would somehow make a miraculous recovery and somehow manage to come back and work a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. It is an admirable thing for sure. If WWE and Cena can accomplish such a thing, it would be good.

Cena Taker
Despite what fans may say about John Cena, the guy has shown that he can deliver a great program and can wrestle pretty well. If his US Title Open Invitationals did not show you he could work a great match, I don’t know what else he can do to sway you.

Cena being part of the event only elevates it, because it would be Cena against anyone. He has proven the last few years that he doesn’t have to main event to be a big part of the show. Both Bray Wyatt and Rusev were helped by the program with Cena before having issues with storylines right after. That is, of course, not on John Cena, but rather on creative. However, the rivalry did elevate them. Kevin Owens is proof of elevation, as he won two WWE Intercontinental Championships afterward. He is the current champ, in fact.

The idea clearly would be if Cena could be healthy, he would not face a random talent but would face Undertaker. WWE needs him to face Undertaker, honestly, as he and Taker are a main event level match. It is certainly WrestleMania worthy. He was said to be at the top of the list for Undertaker before Cena went down to injury.

John Cena WrestleMania
Many fans have actually wanted to see this match for some time, as well. Interestingly, Undertaker has always been a fan of John Cena. One of Cena’s first real rivalries in WWE was with Undertaker. Cena was a fresh-faced heel on WWE SmackDown, who wanted to take it to The Deadman. He did not win the rivalry in the end, as heels typically do not, but he did make a name for himself in the rivalry. This would catapult him on to a WWE United States Title, and then WWE Championship.

All of this started with The Undertaker. Their rivalry truly started over a decade ago, so for it to ultimately end at WrestleMania would be pretty cool, and the story leading up to the event would surely be worth it. If this match does not happen this year, there is always a chance to see it at WrestleMania 33. Clearly, if John Cena can get back in time, he will do this match.

However, reports are saying that WWE has already chosen someone for Undertaker who is not even on WWE’s roster right now. So, it does seem like they are moving on from Cena. Despite this, John Cena is still trolling the internet via social media. We will have to wait and see if this post means anything.

[Image via WWE]