Tyga Losing $4.2 Million Rental Home While Revealing Why Paul McCartney Was Turned Away From Grammy Party [Video]

Looks like another landlord is trying to evict rapper Tyga for breaking the terms of the lease on his $4.8 million Hollywood Hills, California, rental home. According to Gossip Cop, Tyga was supposed to pay a princely $17,000 per month rent on the home — but reportedly hasn’t been paying it regularly.

Although there’s no information about exactly whyTyga is being evicted from the mansion, he was served with “an unlawful detainer notice” last week, which is a legal action that a landlord can carry out when a tenant if Tyga breaks the terms of his lease. The multi-million home Tyga lives in includes several bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as a pool.

Tyga has been only living there since December, 2015, after moving out of Kylie Jenner’s own $2.5 million mansion, although according to a source close to Jenner, the pair “never have” lived together.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has been tossed out of a rental home. Just last August, Tyga was ordered to leave a Calabasas mansion where he’d been living. According to documents, the rapper owed $70,000 to a landlord in back rent, and was required to pay it all to avoid further problems.

In addition, just months prior to that incident, Tyga owed a third landlord a whopping $88,000 in unpaid rent, along with another $35,000 in interest for failing to pay the back rent immediately. Now we know why he’s been living off and on with Kylie!

Radar Online reports that Tyga, who has a daughter with model Blac Chyna, has been in a cash crisis for some time. According to court documents filed in a Los Angeles courthouse, Tyga claims he is nearly broke in 2010, telling a judge that he only had between $0 and $50,000 to his name, despite buying luxury cars for his girlfriend, and hanging out with a bevy of Kylie Jenner look-alikes.

In addition, Tyga has been accused of recycling gifts, giving Kylie a luxury car that looks quite similar to one he gave to his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna.

Tyga listed between $100,000 and $500,000 in liabilities after being sued for $88,000, meaning he owed much more than he had in his bank accounts. The rapper has also been accused of allegedly falsifying court filings “in order to get a freeze on his bills,” according to Radar Online. His creditors claimed there was evidence that Tyga had transferred his property to other people in order to hide them from the court.

Radar Online also reports that in February, 2011, Tyga, who had filed for bankruptcy, had his case thrown out after failing to make the required filings. This meant that none of the debt Tyga was trying to get out of was wiped clean.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Tyga gave Kylie Jenner a grill, ridiculously-priced at $15,000. The luxury item is 18 karat gold, invisibly set with diamonds, and is from go-to grill designer Johnny Dang & Co.

Tyga recently came under fire for refusing to allow rock legend Paul McCartney into his Grammy after party. According to Vanity Fair, the rapper appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to explain what happened, revealing that he “had no knowledge” that McCartney was turned away. Tyga explained that he “was inside performing,” but had he known Paul was just outside, Tyga “would have brought him in.”

According to Kimmel, though, there was a good explanation for the incident. Apparently, the local fire marshal told McCartney that he couldn’t come into the party because the club was at capacity — not because Tyga had turned him away. A surprised Tyga replied that angry Beatles fans should “[t]weet the fire marshal,” to express their anger.

During the interview, Tyga revealed that after the incident, he woke up to “a series of texts and TMZ [news] so it was crazy.”

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[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]