Derek Luh & Skate Maloley Attacked: Video Shows Rappers Scuffle With Security Guards During Show, Rumors Spread That Derek Is In A Coma

Nathan Francis

Video showed Skate Maloley and Derek Luh attacked by security guards and bloodied in a fight that had fans worried about Luh possibly being left in a coma.

That was the rumor spreading rapidly on Twitter after he and fellow rapper Nate "Skate" Maloley got into a violent scuffle on stage with security guards. This led many fans to express their sympathy on Twitter, but as the Mirror noted, this created a bit of confusion due to a previous use of the same hashtag.

"The hashtag #preyforderek was originally used in 2012 for a Belieber who was in a car accident that led to a coma.

"It seems to have caused some fans to think Derek Luh is in a coma which is not the case."

"It seems to have caused some fans to think Derek Luh is in a coma which is not the case."

According to Super Fame, the incident started because security guards tried to stop Nate from smoking marijuana after having been warned not to. The report claimed that Nate's team "did not like being told what to do," leading to a scuffle where Derek Luh lunged at a security guard.

Luh was dragged off stage and security began shouting at fans to go home, leading to outrage among the fans near the stage. Some of them also got into altercations with security guards, leading Nate to step in and "defend his fans."

"But he got beaten up in the process," Super Fame noted.

Amid the false rumors that Derek Luh was left in a coma after the incident, Nate Maloley opened up about his role in the fight.

"But God has a plan for each and every one of us. Sometimes people's egos get in the way of things. I did nothing to any one of the security."

Nate added that the situation wasn't his fault.

"My whole team got assaulted buy them and that's it," Maloley tweeted. "I'm just most sad and upset that yall had to [experience] that. And also miss the show."

"Security has no right to assault me nor my family," the rapper continued. "I will die for them. Once again I have nothing but love for every single NYC fan."

Many fans have also tweeted about the incident, sharing videos of the attack and of a bloodied Skate vowing to protect his fans.

"Never touch my f***ing family" as fans scream "we love you!"

It also remains unclear whether Skate Maloley or Derek Luh could face criminal charges for their role in the brawl, or in Nate's case for allegedly smoking marijuana.

Fans continued the fight outside the venue, sparking a near-riot as they chanted in support of the two rappers. The movement then went online, with the terms "Skate" and "Nate" also trending online on Twitter.

While Derek Luh was reportedly taken to a hospital, sources say his injuries were not serious.

Video of the fight can be seen below.

More video of Skate Maloley and Derek Luh fighting with security guards can be seen here.

[Image via Instagram/Skate Maloney]