November 5, 2016
Jason Brian Dalton Facebook Photos: Dalton's 'Next Deer Hunter' Facebook Info, 7th Wedding Anniversary, Facebook Group

The above photo shows Jason Brian Dalton, the 45-year-old man that police arrested on Sunday, February 21, after a big manhunt. The Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office released that photo of Jason, and already on Facebook, there's a Jason Brian Dalton Facebook group page that purports to show other photos of Dalton of Kalamazoo County. The Facebook page has been set up to share the latest news about Dalton, who was arrested in downtown Kalamazoo -- however, reports that the Facebook page includes photos of the wrong Dalton are already occurring.

According to the social media scuttlebutt, the purported Facebook account of Dalton might list him as a Progressive employee at one time. The Facebook account whereby that Facebook profile appears certainly seems to fit the photos of Dalton released to the public in his booking photo, with the rotund Jason looking off into the distance in another Facebook photo, sitting on the couch with a woman who is presumably the one listed as his wife on Facebook, with two children. Another "Jason Dalton" Facebook photo shows a young boy at hunting practice with a colorful circular target, with the caption "next deer hunter."

A different photo on the Dalton Facebook list of photos shows a man similar in appearance to Jason using a shielded snow blower with the caption that describes too much snow on February 28, 2009, which would certainly describe the abundance of snow in Kalamazoo that year, as reported by MTU.

On Heavy, Facebook photos of Dalton show Jason wearing a red shirt in one Facebook photo -- while another Facebook photo shows Jason looking off into the distance, seemingly on a golf course as another man stares at Jason. Another Facebook photo purportedly of Dalton spreading on social media shows Jason with two children, and a description of Brian Dalton as "progressive," with others arguing that the "Progressive" listing means Dalton likely worked for the insurance firm.

Can't make this up. Kalamazoo shooting suspect, Jason Dalton, identifies himself as a Progressive on Facebook.
One Facebook page listed with the name "Jason Dalton" shows photos that have been added to the Facebook album titled Comstock High School, which is a school near Kalamazoo, Michigan. That Facebook page with Dalton's name shows Jason's status as "married," and the woman to whom he is married recently changed her Facebook profile photo to a blank blue blurry image. Ironically, the "married" status date on Facebook says that Dalton married his wife on February 20, 2009 -- which means, if this is indeed the same Jason -- it was the day of Dalton's 7th wedding anniversary.
According to the Journal-News, Dalton killed at least six people, and doesn't have a criminal history that authorities have released or discovered. The shootings carried out by Jason took place over three locations, beginning at the parking lot of an apartment complex. A mother and her three children were gunned down by Dalton, leaving the mother fighting for her life.

A father and his son were shot and killed by Jason, with five people in two separate cars getting shot by Dalton in the random series of shootings carried out over a five-hour period. Four women were dead at the scene in one location, with a 14-year-old girl left fighting for her life after being shot by Dalton.

The scene outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, showed police investigating the shooting spree. The victims seem to have been randomly chosen by Dalton. Police found Jason's gun in his car, and are now looking into Dalton's motive for carrying out such horrific killings.

As reported by WFMY News 2, a timeline of Jason's killings that left at least six people dead ended when police took Dalton into custody at approximately 12:40 a.m. on Sunday.

[Photo by Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office via AP]