WWE News: John Cena Posts Cryptic CM Punk Related Picture On Instagram And The Internet Went Crazy

WWE Superstar John Cena likes to mess with the internet a bit. However, in his troll like ways, he tends to give us hints at things. The biggest show of this was in January when he posted an AJ Styles picture on his Instagram account, only for AJ to debut with WWE at The Royal Rumble a few weeks later. AJ even returned the favor and posted one of Cena on his account.

Now the 15-time WWE World Champion has posted a troll-like message regarding the much spoken about former WWE Superstar, CM Punk. On Saturday, Cena posted a picture on Instagram that shows the infamous Twitter picture of CM Punk.

You’ll see that the image matches CM Punk’s Twitter profile.

Let us be perfectly clear, there have been no talks of CM Punk returning. Fans want it, and I’m sure WWE would love to have him back as he could give them good business yet again. This is especially true in WrestleMania season. Some are now even speculating that he will be The Undertaker’s opponent at WrestleMania, due to the fact that news broke of Taker’s opponent for the event is not on the current WWE roster.

Punk Joe Rogan
Punk is a signed UFC Fighter. On top of this, he just had back surgery. He cannot return to WWE now more than ever. He wouldn’t be able to take bumps or even walk all that well for that matter. Back surgery is no joke. Plus with him being a signed UFC talent, UFC President Dana White would never allow Punk to work with WWE in a match. He would not allow former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey to do it, nor should he with Punk if we’re all being honest here.

CM Punk has had a lawsuit to deal with, coming from a podcast where he spoke negatively about WWE Doctor Chris Amann that is technically still going on. On top of this, WWE fired him on his wedding day, and have called him a quitter multiple times on live television. Clearly, WWE has done a heck of a lot to CM Punk worthy of him not wanting to come back.

Sure, having CM Punk back on WWE programming would be great. Who knows how his MMA career will go? He is signed for a multi-fight deal and has been training hard for over a year to work his first MMA fight. He may have a good or terrible career with the UFC, for now it is uncertain. Even if it is bad, he does not have to go back to WWE if it turns out bad.

Punk, Heyman, McMahon
He has made a lot of money in his wrestling career, so has his wife, former WWE Diva AJ Lee. She has other projects she is working on as well. Between the two of them, there is more than enough money to be comfortable for years and years. That doesn’t even include other projects they take on. That means the fan theory of him “needing” WWE is certainly out of bounds in a major way.

CM Punk would have to want to return to WWE, and that is unlikely. If he got an itch to wrestle again, he could go to Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro-Wrestling, both of which would pay well for him. CM Punk is not coming back, potentially ever. They did him wrong and he has cited multiple reasons, plus we publicly know a number of them.

Let us pretend for one second that CM Punk is returning to WWE though. Why in the world would WWE allow their top guy in John Cena to ruin a potential surprise return of one of the biggest names in the industry? Think about it.

[Image via WWE]