Beyoncé Responsible For Death Of 5 Police Officers After Anti-Police Super Bowl Performance, Sheriffs Say

Beyoncé announced during her Super Bowl halftime performance that there is a surprise tour coming soon, and now the “Irreplaceable” singer adds even more dates to her Formation Tour, according to Billboard.

Besides adding more dates, Beyoncé also revealed the full list of her new shows. For example, her Chicago performance will be held on May 28, at Soldier Field with the tickets going on sale on February 25, while the London show will take place at Wembley Stadium on July 3, with the tickets going on sale on February 23.

See the full list of shows in North America and Europe on Billboard and the information as to which shows have been already sold out and when to expect the tickets to Beyoncé’s shows to go on sale.

Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s stylist, has recently revealed his favorite singer’s fashion looks over the years of working with him. E! Online caught up with the stylist at New York Fashion Week, and the entertainment news source notes that there is no doubt that he was observing the catwalks to get inspired for his client’s upcoming dresses.

Ty said in the interview that while you can “throw anything on someone,” it still doesn’t mean that this someone will be able to sell that garment. But his star client – Beyoncé – has the kind of confidence that allows her to pull off every look she boasts at big events.

“It’s not just the clothes; it’s who you are.”

Ty listed his top five favorite Beyoncé looks, with the first one being her dress full of diamonds on the Dangerously in Love album cover. The stylist noted that it was the very beginning of working with the “Crazy In Love” singer after she went solo.

The second look was Beyoncé’s orange Lanvin dress. It was back when she announced her pregnancy, and Ty recalls how emotional it was for him, as they were hiding the pregnancy for so long.

“We were hiding it for so long, and that day, I think the world was crying.”

The most recent Beyoncé’s look in the list is her sheer Givenchy gown at the Met Gala 2015.

“It was sexy but classy and beautiful. It was very heavy though — the heaviest gown she’s ever worn actually.”

And the last look in the list is when Beyoncé wore a lacy Michael Costello dress, which is now in a museum. The stylist recalled that he met Costello at an event and they made a deal that he will make the dress the day before the Grammys.

In other news, could Beyoncé really be inciting bad behavior? The singer could be responsible for the death of five U.S. police officers, according to The Washington Post. A U.S. sheriff named Robert Arnold went as far as to blame the 34-year-old singer for in shots fired outside his house. Arnold reportedly came to the conclusion that it was Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime-show performance that was responsible for the shots.

“With everything that happened since the Super Bowl… that’s what I’m thinking: Here’s another target on law enforcement.”

Since this year’s Super Bowl, as many as five U.S. police officers were shot dead, according to reports by the non-profit Officer Down Memorial Page. Beyoncé’s Super Bowl show, which was viewed by over 120 million Americans, is believed to have had an anti-police message attached to it.

After Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, a great number of police officers and law enforcement officials went to social media to express their protest over the show. Some public officials and police groups also followed suit in the next days following the show.

[Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]