Was ‘Are You Being Served’ Reboot Foreshadowed By Celebs With Mrs. Slocombe Hair?

In America during the late 1980s, no weekend was complete without an episode of the BBC‘s Are You Being Served on PBS. For this reason, fans on both sides of the Atlantic are ecstatic to hear that the show is going to be rebooted with brand new episodes for 2016.

Are You Being Served is coming back to BBC One and it is allegedly going to start filming the new round of episodes around March 5.

However, the big question for many Are You Being Served fans is finding out which celebrities will play the famous characters of the show such as Captain Peacock, Mr. Humphreys, and the wild-haired Mrs. Slocombe.

As it appears, some of the pastel hair on celebrities like Zayn Malik, Lou Teasdale, and Perrie Edwards in 2015 seemed to hint at the fact that they would like to play Mrs. Slocombe.

New Now Next writes on February 17, that the new episodes of Are You Being Served will be “picking up where Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft’s much loved comedy left off.”

Sadly, the last surviving member of Are You Being Served, Nicholas Smith, AKA Mr. Rumbold, died on December 17, 2015, according to USA Today. This means that every single role for the Are You Being Served reboot will need to be filled by a new actor.

According to BT TV, a number of actors would be ideal for Are You Being Served characters, and a few of the suggestions include Jo Joyner as Miss. Brahms, Shane Richie as Mr. Lucas, David Walliams as Mr. Humphries, and Patricia Routledge as Mrs. Slocombe.

Perrie Edwards is a Mrs. Slocombe doppelganger

The Daily Mail reports that a long list of other celebrities are letting the world know that they are free to help with the Are You Being Served reboot — but will Zayn Malik or Perrie Edwards step up to the plate for the Mrs. Slocombe role?

According to a 2010 report from the Telegraph, Mrs. Slocombe may have colored her hair on Are You Being Served to cheer herself up. With this in mind, it could be assumed that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards spent most of 2015 dying their hair Easter egg colors because they were bummed out about their breakup. Nevertheless, Perrie Edwards has already contradicted this theory.

Interestingly, Perrie Edwards repeatedly denied in the fall of 2015, according to SugarScape, that her zany hair colors were “Zayn Malik related.” Instead, it could be that Perrie Edwards was secretly auditioning for Are You Being Served to play Mrs. Slocombe with one pastel hair color after another, as evidenced by Pinterest.

Supporting the idea that Zayn Malik is auditioning for the role of Mrs. Slocombe, Movie News Guide writes that he has covered many of her hair colors in 2015 from her Are You Being Served days such as lime green, pink, grey, and blue/lavender.

No matter who takes over the roles for Are You Being Served that starts filming on March 5 in front of a live studio audience, they should take a page from the book of the shows creator.

Zayn Malik looks like Mrs. Slocombe

When Jeremy Lloyd died in late 2014 at age 81, the Mirror wrote on October 27, 2015, that he did not leave heirs any money despite creating two of the most successful British comedies: Are You Being Served and Allo, Allo.

The reason Jeremy Lloyd had no money from his Are You Being Served days is because he did not have any long-term investments and lost his $150,000 estate to outstanding debts.

In addition to the reboot, the sequel to Are You Being Served called Grace & Favour (Are You Being Served Again) will finally be released to DVD on May 23, according to British Comedy Guide.

The actors playing the individual roles for Are You Being Served 2016 reboot have not yet been announced.

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