One Direction, Rihanna Snub BRIT Awards? Or Are They Avoiding Rowdy Fans?

One Direction is sharing headlines with Rihanna for snubbing the upcoming BRIT Awards, but the truth is that they may be avoiding their pesky fans.

Hollywood Life reported on February 20, that One Direction might be avoiding the BRIT Awards, and they are not the only ones to do so. As it appears, Rihanna may also avoid the BRIT Awards, but it is unclear if it has to do with an actual snubbing.

Rihanna may be the target of crazy One Direction fans

Unlike One Direction, Rihanna recently cancelled other concerts in the U.K. according to the BBC, and if she does end up avoiding the BRIT Awards, it could be related to an illness or other issue.

However, One Direction could be trying to avoid fans and start to turn down the lights on their fame for their 2016 hiatus due to begin in March.

In the past, One Direction has had extreme problems with overzealous fans that overreact to seeing 1D in person. Although One Direction knows their excited fans are well-meaning (most of the time), no matter what they say, it seems to be a repeated pattern.

For instance, Liam Payne experienced fans and paparazzi crowding him when he was recently swarmed at the Los Angeles Airport on February 19, according to the Daily Mail.

In fact, fans of One Direction can be so overzealous that anyone that touches them can become a target of 1D fans. For example, Rebel Wilson recently revealed that she was sent death threats by One Direction fans for hugging Harry Styles in public.

One Direction fans allegedly sent Rebel Wilson death threats.

According to The Sun, Rebel Wilson told Ellen DeGeneres that One Direction fans exploded when “during the show, which aired last November, Rebel, 35, declared herself as the boy band’s biggest fan and made a beeline for Harry and hugged him before straddling him on the studio sofa.”

Speaking of Rihanna, she might want to watch out if what Rebel Wilson is saying about One Direction fans is true. UnReality TV reports that Rihanna is “following One Direction’s Harry Styles” and her reasons include her own business interests.

Since Harry Styles is breaking free of One Direction management for his solo career, Rihanna is jumping on board. Allegedly, “it has been revealed that [Rihanna] has followed in Harry’s footsteps and signed with PR agency Dawbell, who will now be handling all her press and publicity in the U.K.”

Sadly, Briana Jungwirth and her family have learned the hard way that being associated with One Direction can make your life tumultuous.

Around the time that Briana Jungwirth gave birth to her son with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, the Daily Mail reported that her family had to file a restraining order against 1D fans for sending death threats and other offenses.

Unfortunately, One Direction has a long history with fan harassment that seemed to reach a peak during their On The Road Again tour in America. The Mirror reported on August 5, 2015, that Liam Payne felt “cornered like an animal” by fans when One Direction was touring New York City.

Niall Horan added to this by insisting One Direction fans “lay off on the car chases.” Preceding this, Niall Horan warned fans to stop throwing objects on the stage during One Direction concerts, according to Gossie.

Fortunately, One Direction members are not truly “going solo” during their hiatus because they always have their personal security guards with them. For instance, US Magazine reported around December 5, 2015, that Niall Horan and Selena Gomez were seen at a private party in Los Angeles kissing … and Niall’s One Direction bodyguard went into the party first to make sure it was safe for Niall.

Nevertheless, will One Direction fans do the right thing and pretend to not know the 1D gents when they see them in public? While some fans have problems controlling their frenzy when seeing a member of One Direction unexpectedly, fans that plan mayhem may be getying jail time — especially in California.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey can give One Direction advice on dealing with fans that cross boundaries. Most of the members of One Direction are in Los Angeles and Lana Del Rey is right around the corner in Malibu.

In late 2015, fans were hounding Lana Del Rey (in a style One Direction is likely familiar with), but when they stole her property, Lana Del Rey got her day in court and won.

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