Comcast 305Mbps Internet Connection Planned, Company Would Slightly Edge Out Verizon FiOS Speeds

Comcast is believed to be working on a new internet connection plan with speeds up to 305Mbps, slighting faster than the newest plan rolled out just last month by Verizon FiOS. A reliable source tells Broadband Reports that the new ultra-fast internet speed level was discussed during a streaming live event about Comcast Xfinity. According to that source CEO Neil Smit promised to deliver 305Mbps internet speeds in Verizon FiOS areas “soon.”

If Comcast can reach that threshold the company will be 5Mbps faster than FiOS Quantum which is currently capable of speeds up to 300Mbps and upstream speeds of 65Mbps.Comcast is expected to charge $205 for the service, keeping its pricing structure in line with FiOS plans.

In the short term Comcast is expected to not be utilizing upstream channel bonding which means upload speeds will likely be less than 65Mbps. Last year Comcast did some testing and found they can choose to push upload streams between 75 and 100Mbps if they choose to do so.

In the meantime analysts agree that the US market is currently being met with very little competition and that this constant fight between Comcast and Verizon could push other competitors out of the market. Verizon has attempted to by Advanced Wireless Spectrum licenses which are owned by a consortium of buyers including Comcast.

At this point any new competitors attempting to best Verizon and Comcast could find themselves cutting prices and offering speed increases in order to grab attention from the small portion of the population looking for massive internet speeds that come with premium pricing.