‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Glenn’s Days Could Be Numbered As Negan’s Arrival Grows Closer

The Walking Dead spoilers may not be good for fans of Glenn, who survived certain doom earlier this season but now may be meeting his fate at the ends of a new villain.

The show is going full gear into the second half of season 6, with a midseason premiere that set up the arrival of super-villain Negan and his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, menacingly named “Lucille.”

[WARNING: Potential Walking Dead spoilers ahead]

Those following the Walking Dead comic book already know very well just how lethal Negan and Lucille will be. At his arrival, Negan and his gang ambush Rick and capture his gang, lining up Rick, Carl, Glenn, Magie, Sophia, Michonne, and Heath. Negan tells them that he is in charge of everything within the Alexandria Safe Zone now, and tells the group he will have to kill one of them.

As Movie Pilot noted, in the comic book Negan picked Glenn and proceeded to beat him to death in front of the others. This doesn’t guarantee that Glenn will die in the show — which has diverted often from the comics — but it leaves the possibility as Negan grows close to his arrival.

If the Walking Dead spoilers are true, it’s a gut punch to fans who endured several weeks of the show making them think Glenn had died earlier in the season. Fans saw as a horde of walkers descended on Glenn and Nicholas, who had shot himself and fallen on Glenn. It turned out, as many had speculated, that Nicholas shielded Glenn from their attack and allowed him to escape, but it was an agonizing few weeks for fans to finally learn that for certain.

There may have been a design behind those brutal few weeks for Glenn fans. Vanity Fair speculated that the Walking Dead has been teasing Glenn’s death for a long time, leaving viewers desensitized to the thought of him being killed off and making the season finale and Negan’s arrival that much more jarring.

“If you’ve read the comic books or, in the heat of the Gleen Rhee roller coaster from the first half of the season, spoiled yourself as to the fate of our favorite pizza delivery boy, then you know Glenn is probably going to die. And given that it’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Negan who kills Glenn off in the comics and Negan is slated to make a splashy entrance in the Season 6 finale, then it’s very likely we only have seven more episode to go until Glenn leaves the show for real.

“So it’s possible that the show, in order to fake everyone out, is taking a boy-who-cried-wolf approach to Glenn. That is to say, if an unspoiled viewer watches Glenn almost die over and over again, maybe they’ll believe he’s a quasi-invincible character who is too popular to be killed off. So when it actually happens, some audiences won’t see it coming.”

There are other potential spoilers for The Walking Dead that don’t involve Glenn dying. There is some idea that the show may substitute one of the other characters for Glenn when Negan demands a sacrifice, though it may not be any less shocking. One of the names being floated around is Daryl, as Norman Reedus is slated to start his own reality show in AMC and would have an opening to leave the show. If that Walking Dead spoiler turns out to be true, it may be the only thing that could anger fans more than having to watch Glenn die again.

[Image via AMC.com]