‘Walking Dead’ Cast’s Request To Fans: Please Don’t Bite Us

For the cast of The Walking Dead, trying not to be bitten is part of the job on the set and in front of the camera. Unfortunately, it looks like some overzealous fans are making it a part of life in the real world away from the set, as well. Another actor from The Walking Dead has been bitten by a fan at a convention, proving that the previous incident with Norman Reedus was not just an isolated occurrence by one rabid fan. No pun intended.

Tyler James Williams, who played the dearly departed Noah last season on The Walking Dead, has confirmed that he too was bitten, according to a video interview with TV Guide.

“I got bit one time. I think it was like, ‘Haha, a joke,’ but it wasn’t funny. The last show I did, I was kind of ripped apart. So I think they thought it would be fun to reenact it, maybe. I just did not see it coming. They went in for a hug and bit me on the shoulder. It was like, ‘Haaaa!'”

tyler james williams as noah on the walking dead

Back in December, Reedus, who plays the crossbow-wielding, strong-yet-silent Daryl on The Walking Dead, also got bitten by a fan who claimed something came over her when she got up close and personal with Norman for a photo op at the Walker Stalker Convention in New Jersey. It was the first report of a fan biting a Walking Dead star, but it was Reedus, who has endeared himself to some female Walking Dead fans, to put it mildly. Reedus has been the recipient of such unusual fan love as being sent breast implants, of all things. So it was written off as an isolated incident by a love crazy fan, at least after the fact. Uproxx reported that when Norman was bitten, Walking Dead costar Michael Rooker reacted by shouting “What the f*ck was that?” at the woman.

walking dead fan with norman reedus

Undead Walking claimed eyewitnesses said the fan told Norman that she likes to pretend that she’s married to him, before being escorted out of the building by security. Even after being kicked out, the woman seemed oblivious to the personal boundaries crossed by her actions, lamenting the lost photo ops she had purchased but would be unable to fulfill after getting herself 86’ed.

Just like his character on The Walking Dead, Reedus kept his cool, not pressing charges against the fan, but gently letting others know that kind of behavior was less than welcome via Instagram.

norman reedus walking dead

Tyler James Williams, on the other hand, isn’t known for having such an overzealous fan base like Reedus, who has prompted many Walking Dead fans to utter the refrain “If Daryl dies, we riot!” Noah’s gruesome, heartbreaking death certainly moved fans, but hey, you know, that was a whole season ago, guys. Not that biting people you don’t know without permission is ever okay, but it’s long past time to move on.

The cast of The Walking Dead has been generous with their fan appearances and getting up close and personal, but if people insist on doing crazy things, they are going to spoil it for all fans. And biting is just rude, okay? It should be common courtesy, according to Williams, to refrain from nibbling on The Walking Dead cast.

“That’s a thing that most people learn is you don’t bite. Like people say ‘Oh, I don’t bite.’ But they do. So y’know, just keep your teeth to yourself. That would be wonderful.”

[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]