Deadpool Can’t Host ‘SNL’ Despite Petitions — Ryan Reynolds Leaked This Exposing Video

Recently, fans have petitioned to have the outrageous character of Deadpool to host SNL. Fans have treated the request as a social issue on

On the activist site, the creator of the petition made his case.

“We’ve all seen the trailers, the magazine covers, the viral videos, and the billboards by now, so what’s left for Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) to do?


They added that Deadpool (not Ryan Reynolds) would be absolutely hilarious as having Deadpool break the fourth wall in the live sketches — something he is infamous for in the comics and other media — is kind of his thing.

A toned down Deadpool, appropriated enough to host SNL of course, would bring in thousands of viewers, Andrew Stege, proprietor of the petition claims.

Stege mentioned that he has not watched SNL in years, as he cannot not “stomach an entire episode.” But a Deadpool-hosted SNL will have him glued to the television bursting in laughter, he claims.

“Having Deadpool host, star, and be all over the episode would get the DVR set so I can watch it again and again!!! Not to mention, depending on the musical guest, how awesome would it be to have some Deadpool interpretive dancing while the musical guest was playing? There’s unlimited possibilities!!!”

And apparently nearly 70,000 other fans support his wish to having Deadpool host SNL, with about 5,000 signitures left to go before the “Merc with a Mouth” can host the flagship sketch comedy show.

“Sign this petition in hopes that it’ll find it’s way to the ‘powers that be’ and get that idea churning in their heads! Bring Deadpool to host SNL!!!” Andrew declared.

And it sounds like the message has reached Deadpool himself as Ryan Reynolds “leaked” the footage from a response video, which can be seen here (be warned, it is NSFW).

Dead pool was, in fact, approached to host SNL years ago, and he blew it in a Kanye-esq rant backstage.

In case you missed it, Kanye West went on another tirade, this time behind the stage of SNL while getting ready for his performance last week.

The Inquisitr reported on the outburst which used his mortal enemy, Taylor Swift, as cannon fodder once again.

West has since apologized for the rant but there’s no word on whether Deadpool is remorseful or not, or whether he’ll be forgiven thus being allowed to host SNL after all.

Movie Web notes that in all of SNL’s history, only Paul Reubens — as Pee-wee Herman — has ever stayed in character for an entire episode of SNL in 1985.

If SNL actually lets this happen, Wade Wilson will be the first in years to host SNL as a fictional character — well in Deadpool’s reality altering case, perhaps not so fictional?

Nevertheless Reynolds has hosted SNL as himself in 2009 with Lady Gaga a musical guest. During this turbulent time for the “Green Lantern,” Reynolds was promoting his appearance as Deadpool In X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That film was a rather lackluster portrayal of the foul-mouthed anti-hero. Not only did he not utter his famous Deadpool quips, but he didn’t even have a mouth to do it with.

While 70,000 fans think it would be phenomenal to see Deadpool host SNL, he doesn’t need the exposure. That’s because 20th Century Fox has already green-lit a sequel after its major box-office success.

Ryan will return as the main character and original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are already working on the new screenplay.

Rumors have it that fan-favorite mutant, Cable, will make an appearance in the sequel; maybe they can host SNL together?

Who do you think had the better rant? Kanye West or Deadpool?

[Image courtesy of Getty Images/Albert L. Ortega]