‘Damn Daniel’ Is The Next Internet Sensation As #DamnDaniel Goes Viral In Hilarious Video

The weirdest and most unexpected things can become internet sensations and trend for really no reason at all. Such is the case of a young high school kid in California named Daniel Lara, who has begun trending like no one’s business and it is all because of the different outfits he wears to class. His trendy attire has earned him the hashtag and nickname of #DamnDaniel.

Just Jared has broken down the trending teenager named Daniel Lara who has been appearing in a series of Snapchat clips and online videos. All of them have been pieced together and showcase this kid and his friends who attend Riverside High School in California.

Daniel Lara shows up to school in a different outfit each and every single day, and why shouldn’t he? That is only normal, but there is more to it. Daniel shows up in stylish outfits and has this unspoken charisma about him that is making people say…”damn!”

A Twitter user by the name simply of “josh” and the handle of @josholzz posted the video which now has been liked over 240,000 times and retweeted over 190,000 times. Let’s not fail to mention that the Twitter account even has over 48,000 followers.

The video has spawned copycat after copycat making #DamnDaniel videos of their own, and the phenomenon is being covered by every outlet around. MTV grabbed hold of it as well and only added fuel to the fire.

Maybe it’s just 15 minutes of fame or maybe it’s going to be something that lasts a long time, but #DamnDaniel is catching on in huge ways. Pop Sugar has pointed out how Daniel Lara and his outfits and the clever saying have spawned repeats, memes, and even an original rap song.

Yes, a rap song.

Believe it or not, everyone seems to be saying the same thing about the #DamnDaniel video that has gone viral, and it’s that it is very catchy. Sure, you may not like it at first and don’t understand what makes it so popular, but you’re bound to watch it again and again.

After a couple times of watching it, you may end up smirking at it, laughing at it, and finding it quite funny. You may still not totally understand what it’s about, or the point, but you’ll at least have something to laugh about.

Especially when Daniel shows up in the “white Vans.”

Daniel and Josh have really been having fun with all of the attention, and are just enjoying their time in the spotlight.

The internet can make a star or a villain out of someone in a heartbeat, and it’s hard to know what will catch on and go viral. There was Alex from Target and the Burger King employee who reportedly quit and took all the chicken nuggets who had their time in the light.

It’s hard to believe that Etsy was selling very popular pills that let you poop glitter, but they had their time as well.

Surely, you can’t forget which nail polish matches the shoe or the freakishly popular dress that was black and blue — or was it gold and white?

Daniel Lara is the latest and most popular trending internet sensation with his high school charm and outfits that earn him a “Damn Daniel” from his friends. Now, he’s getting it from around the world with the hashtag of #DamnDaniel, and even if it only lasts a couple days, it’s always a fun run.

[Image via YouTube]