Joey Feek Cancer Update: Rory Shares Details Of Their Last Valentine’s Day Together

Joey Feek has been confined to her hospice bed for months now. The terminal cancer that has ravaged through her body has made her so weak that she can no longer walk, and so tired that she spends most of her time sleeping peacefully in her bedroom. However, while Joey may not have been able to go out for Valentine’s Day, her husband and duet partner Rory Feek made sure to make this Valentine’s Day just as special as the rest.

Even though the snow was coming down in Indiana, Rory faced the weather and went out to get one of Joey’s favorite meals, sushi, to surprise her.

“Indy and I drove through what seemed like a blizzard on Sunday afternoon to pick up dinner for Joey for Valentines Day,” Rory wrote in a post on his blog This Life I Live. “My wife loves sushi and I had decided that morning that we could surprise her with some of her favorite rolls. But driving down the icy roads with the wind blowing and the snow drifting, I started to worry that my truck might end up in a ditch somewhere between here and Muncie and our whole night would be ruined. But we made it home okay and Joey was so happy to see the food we had for her.”

Joey Feek Valentine's DAy

For the past few weeks, Joey hasn’t had much of an appetite, but Rory’s special sushi delivery changed that quickly. Rory wrote, “And though she’d hardly eaten anything at all for the last couple of weeks… starting that night, her appetite came back and she had the greatest time.”

Although Joey and Rory were just having dinner in Joey’s bedroom, Joey requested the help of her sisters to do her makeup and help her find something nice to wear so she would look her very best for their special Valentine’s date. Joey completed her ensemble with a corsage a fan sent her in the mail.

“Her three sisters helped her with make-up and she put on a nice shirt and scarf to look pretty for me… and we both even wore sweet corsages that someone sent to us in the mail for the big day (I hadn’t even seen a corsage since my senior prom),” Rory wrote. “We lit a candle and together, we shared an incredible Valentines day evening.”

Joey and Rory Feek share what may be their last Valentine's Day together.
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joey Feek was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in May 2014, three months after giving birth to her daughter Indiana (Indy). She later underwent a radical hysterectomy and rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She appeared to be getting better and was preparing for her last round of chemo when her doctors made a heartbreaking discovery — her cancer had returned and had started to spread. Although she could continue to undergo chemo and radiation, Joey opted to stop treatment and return to her home in hospice care so she could spend the remainder of her days with her family.

Joey and Rory haven’t slept in the same bed together since Joey entered hospice care. Instead, Rory tucks Joey in every night, tells her he loves her, and gives her a goodnight kiss. However, on Valentine’s Day, Joey had an extra request — for Rory to lay with her and hold her.

Joey and Rory
Joey and Rory lay in the same bed together for the first time since Joey entered hospice care
[Photo via This Life I Live]
“When dinner was over, as I said goodnight and tucked the blankets around her in the little hospital bed she has been living in for months, she thanked me for the special night and then made one last request,” Rory recalled. “‘If Jody helps me to scoot over to one side…could you try to lay down with me and put your arms around me?'”

“I haven’t been able to be in the same bed with my wife or hold her in my arms since the beginning of November – when she made her last trip to the hospital,” he continued. “But for one sweet half-an-hour… that changed on Valentines day.”

[Photo via This Life I Live]