February 24, 2016
Dr. Luke Deletes Incriminating Kesha Pic From Twitter Account


The day after a judge deemed that Kesha must make her six contracted albums with Sony and her alleged rapist Dr. Luke, the producer went through his Twitter account and deleted a photo of a sleeping Kesha with the words "Damn my artists work hard!".

The civil court battle concluded yesterday. The artist Kesha has a six-album contract with Sony and producer Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald), and the musician went to court asking to dissolve the contract, saying she could no longer work with him after years of abuse. The judge ruled in Sony and Dr. Luke's favor, and the contract remains in place.

One of the allegations Kesha levelled against Dr. Luke was that he drugged and raped her, and today, only hours after the hearing concluded, Dr. Luke conspicuously deleted a picture of a sleeping Kesha.

The deletion did not go unnoticed, however, and screenshots of the pic have gone viral.

Pictures of a distraught Kesha sitting at the back of the court circulated yesterday, tugging at the heartstrings of many, inspiring a huge upsurge of the #freekesha tag.
The #freekesha hashtag currently has a remarkable 1.38 million tweets, but Dr. Luke's Twitter account has gone to ground and is a graveyard of retweets of unrelated music news. Kesha has received huge support from the industry, other artists, and fans.
"I know I cannot work with Dr. Luke," Kesha says in an affidavit presented in court. "I physically cannot. I don't feel safe in any way." Neuroscience backs Kesha up too; a woman's sexuality and creativity are inextricably linked, and there is plenty of evidence to show that if you damage or threaten a woman sexually, you diminish her ability to be creative and confident. So it remains to be seen if Kesha will be physically able to complete the contract.
Lady Gaga's been Instagramming her support.Many other high-profile artists have tweeted out their support.
The double standards of Sony have been pointed out, particularly in regard to how Zayn from One Direction left his contract last year because he was unhappy, but Kesha cannot.
The words of another one destroyed by the music industry are being recalled in support too.
Kesha is being held up as an example for people all over as an example of why women don't report rape.

Dr Luke has since gone to Twitter and issued statements in a series of tweets. He insists that the allegations are untrue and only due to "contract negotiations".

Meanwhile, other female Sony artists have come out stronger than ever, showing as much support as they can while staying within their contracts. Taylor Swift gifted $250,000 directly to Kesha, presumably to help with court costs, and Miley Cyrus rewteeted an image of singer/songwriter Fiona Apple with a handmade sign of support.

[Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images]