‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Steve And Kayla Face Trouble With Ava, Salemites Face A Murder And An Arrest

There is a big week of episodes coming up on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers tease that there is intense drama ahead related to Kayla and Ava, while Brady’s trip to California leads to some twists and turns. Viewers can expect both an arrest and a murder during the week of February 22, and fans will not want to miss these episodes.

Viewers saw that Brady watched Summer head into the ocean, and Days of Our Lives spoilers, via We Love Soaps, indicate that he will run in and save her. He will soon learn of her connection to Daniel, and he will talk about wanting her to head home with him. Nicole and Dario will reconnect and it seems that soon this whole crew will be on their way back to Salem.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Ava and Kayla will face off on Monday’s show. Ava is obviously itching for a fight after sending the video to Kayla, and it seems she gets one as at least one punch will be thrown, teases Soap Central.

As the week continues, Ava will accuse Kayla of attempted murder, and there is a good amount of buzz swirling that Ava may end up dead before the week is over. If that is the case, viewers can surely expect Steve and Kayla to be prime suspects.

Hope will be concerned about Ciara early in the coming week, and Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Ciara may come clean with her mom about what has her so upset. Teasers indicate that after learning a secret, Hope is severely traumatized.

Chase has dropped out of sight, and Andre will be helping him lay low. However, it seems he will be stalking Ciara, and it sounds as if this dangerous situation may get worse in the episodes ahead.

There is an arrest for Stefano’s murder coming, and Chad is said to get some unsettling news from Rafe. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that he will have a tough time handling the bombshell that hits him, but DOOL fans will have to wait and see if this is related to Stefano’s murder or to something else.

Belle buys a club for Claire, thinking she can start singing there, but Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Claire may be a bit overwhelmed by the gesture. It seems that Belle will be quite taken aback by her daughter’s reaction to what she thought was a step in repairing their relationship. From the sounds of things, this relationship will continue to be strained in the coming week.

Victor is pressuring Philip for help in getting Deimos out of town, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Philip will get some juicy information this week. While this information could set Philip up for success, it seems it comes with some possible problems as well. In addition, Caroline has some visions related to Deimos, and fans can be sure that there is big trouble ahead on this front.

As juicy as the coming week is, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are even crazier things coming soon. There has been talk that Ben would soon be back in the picture, and it sounds as if he escapes custody soon and lives could be in danger. Someone who has been seeking vengeance realizes they made a mistake and it seems there will be a lot of chaos erupting in Salem as this all plays out.

What is Summer’s connection to Daniel? Is Ava about to die, and will Steve and Kayla become suspects? What comes next for Hope and Andre as they battle one another? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next, and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that things are hotter than ever as the drama continues in Salem.

[Photo by Viven Kilillea/Getty Images]