December 27, 2018
Sommer Ray Dons Just A Sheer Dress In Censored Photo On Instagram

Sommer Ray shared a new photo of her that she censored with some black marks, as she posed nude under a sheer dress. The Instagram post shows the model sitting on a rock by the ocean, as she laid her hands on her thighs while wearing a ring on every finger, along with a bracelet. The sheer overlay was black with mesh pockets, and Ray wore her hair half-up and half-down for the occasion. The caption read, "the ocean calms my restless soul," as fans exclaimed, "Urr prettyyyyy," "Ye but why u so prettttttttty thoo," and "Love." Time will tell whether this piece is part of her new athletic clothing line. Either way, there's tons of love being sent Sommer's way.

The model also celebrated the holidays with a couple of themed posts, one of herself in a long-sleeved body suit with a red ribbon on her hip, and another photo of herself holding Christmas lights. Her Instagram Stories also urged fans to check out her apparel at Urban Planet stores, which are located in Canada.

And before the holiday season hit, Ray shared a photo of herself sitting on some steps in a city street, wearing a short leopard-print dress, tan socks, and black heels. The model also had a black jacket on, except it was falling down her arm when the photo was taken. She wore her hair in a high ponytail, and exuded glam vibes. She joked in the captions that "it's okay if you don't like me, not everyone has good taste."

Ray previously opened up to Galore Magazine about her fitness secrets and goals, saying that "I workout atleast [sic] 4/5 times a week. I can't really say I have one favorite exercise, but I love any exercise where I can really isolate my glutes!"And when she was asked about her prior life as a bodybuilder, Sommer wasn't afraid to get honest about her experiences.
"I started competing in the NPC when I was 16 years old. I stood next to girls in their 20s/30s and was being compared to them, yet nothing was comparable- we were simply at different stages of life (muscle doesn't mature until you're in your 20s). So believe me, I know what that feeling is like."
Sommer would go on to quit bodybuilding and focus on her social media presence instead, which has obviously worked out very well for her. With over 19.6 million followers on Instagram and counting, she's building her own empire.