Niall Horan Is Rich: Has Labour Party, Irish Poaching Charity Challenges

Niall Horan is officially missing in action in mid-February, and likely on the type of adventure that only a vacationing celebrity could afford. However, this does not mean that Niall Horan has disappeared forever, and he could get roped into a variety of projects — including politics and charities in Ireland.

For fans looking for Niall Horan’s most recent locations, #NiallsNotes has become a popular hashtag on social media — but in recent days, Niall has been quiet and hidden from the snoopiest of One Direction fans.

Niall Horan might return to America for golf

The exception is that Niall Horan has been called back to Ireland in the news in a couple of ways. First of all, the Irish Independent has pointed out that Niall Horan is officially one of the richest men in Ireland.

To be published on February 21, the newspaper hints that when The Rich List 2016 hits the media, it will show that Niall Horan has moved up the chart.

Speaking of rich Irish people, Niall Horan may be on the list with RyanAir Chairman, David Bonderman. The Ireland Independent wrotes on February 20 that Bonderman certainly holds high standards for what it means to be rich and generous in Ireland.

Although Niall Horan and his fans are known for being charitable outside of One Direction, Bonderman is raising the bar with over a million in donations to the Wildcat Foundation and Tanzania’s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit (NTSCIU) to combat wildlife poaching in countries in Africa.

A second reason Niall Horan could return to Ireland to do good for his country involves Niall’s favorite Labour Party candidate, Willie Penrose. The Daily Edge wrote in April of 2013 that Niall Horan campaigned for Willie Penrose — and it appears that Penrose is running again, according to the Ireland Independent.

Regardless, Niall Horan is clearly living the life of a “normal” 20-something that Zayn Malik preached about when he quit One Direction about a year ago. In fact, Yahoo! reported on February 17 that Niall Horan was starting to resemble a college student backpacking their way around the economy class section of international airports.

Niall Horan is rich and on permanent vacation

On Twitter, @NiallsNotes has been tracking Niall, but their last update about him was on February 16. According their insider information, Niall Horan has been in Vietnam, Jakarta, and the Philippines up and until February 16.

Oddly, there have been no updates about the March 5 event that is being advertised in the Philippines by Sony Records that includes the #LiveForever hashtag and encourages fans to “Be A Part Of History.”

This mysterious advertisement from Sony was first noted by SugarScape on February 11, and no other information has been released. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans are still waiting to hear more details from Sony Philippines about their tweets that picture Niall Horan and One Direction.

What is also interesting is that no one has been able to tie Niall Horan to Los Angeles — but all of his former and present One Direction bandmates have converged there.

For example, Liam Payne was the only one that kept leaving Los Angeles, but it appears that he has returned as of February 19. Will Niall Horan ever join his bandmates in Los Angeles?

The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on March 12 are one reason that Niall Horan might return to Los Angeles, but it could be likely that he will not return to America until The Masters golf tournament begins on April 4 in Augusta, Georgia.

One unfortunate thing that Niall Horan might expect is to get no love from Simon Cowell. The Daily Star reported on February 20 that Simon Cowell is probably not going to give Niall Horan a job on X-Factor and instead is placing focus on Rita Ora.

[Picture by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]