‘Mob Wives’ Reunion: Drita D’Avanzo Lunges At Karen Gravano, Big Ang Shot One Scene With Originals

The Mob Wives Season 6 reunion show, which was filmed in a Queens warehouse on Friday, February 5, will apparently show Drita D’Avanzo almost coming to blows with Karen Gravano, despite Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s attempts to have everyone get along.

An article posted on Thursday on the NY Daily News quoted a production insider as saying that the show’s producers made sure that the cast members were riled up for the reunion filming by first sequestrating them in a hotel room and showing them clips of what the other women have said about them throughout the season.

“They literally kept them all in this hotel room on lockdown, practically force-feeding them video of the other girls talking stuff about each other to get them all seething.”

Drita apparently got really riled up. According to the source, Drita arrived to the reunion set ready to fight, with her main target being Karen. She lunged towards Karen to attack her but was stopped by security only “inches” away.

“Drita came rushing into this warehouse in a black ninja kind-of-bodysuit thing with her fists raised and charged Karen!”

Wednesday’s episode of Mob Wives showed Drita furious with Karen. In a bar, new cast member Marissa Jade confronted Drita about being on fellow newbie Brittany Fogarty’s side and possibly coaching her. Drita denied being on anyone’s side and coaching Brittany.

Marissa also confronted Drita about possibly being the person who has been telling people that her husband, Lee, had a phone call with Marissa’s boyfriend, O.Z., in which he said that their women should “play nice.” Marissa was mad about that since O.Z. is out on parole and could get in trouble if word came out that he’s talking to another felon. A shocked Drita asked Marissa who told her that she was responsible. Marissa replied “everyone.” Drita denied having any involvement. “I know who said that. I’m gonna hurt them,” she replied.

In her interview, Drita said that she knows it wasn’t Renee Graziano who accused her, since Renee swore that she would never speak of Lee again. Drita added that she knows it wasn’t Carla, since Carla doesn’t even know Lee. She concluded that it was Karen.

“The only f***ing big-mouth, big t**ted, pretzel-eating, s**t rat, who doesn’t f***ing stop talking about Lee, is Karen Gravano. That’s all Karen does.”

Clips were shown of Karen, who actually dated Lee for seven years prior to his marriage to Drita, bringing up Lee’s name and talking about him through the years.

Besides a near-fight, viewers will also see Angela “Big Ang” Raiola at the reunion for a short time. A source close to the show told NY Daily News that Big Ang defied her doctor’s orders and was at the reunion filming for around two hours. The source said that Big Ang filmed a scene with just Karen Gravano, Drita D’Avanzo and Renee Graziano, who were all already a part of the show when Big Ang joined in the second season. It’s not clear whether Carla Facciolo, who was also a part of the original cast, also filmed with Big Ang.

“Big Ang was only able to film one scene because she was so sick…She insisted on coming in. She wasn’t going to listen to doctor’s orders. She did a scene with Karen, Renee and Drita — just the original cast. She dragged herself off her deathbed to do this reunion.”

In an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, posted on Friday, Marissa Jade, who joined the show’s sixth season along with Brittany Fogarty, confirmed that she did not film with Big Ang at the reunion. Marissa explained that Big Ang left the reunion early. Presumably, Brittany was also brought out to the reunion set later on.

“Ang did come but were were like in separate parts. She came early, which I’m surprised she even came at all, God bless. But she did. She came, she filmed for a little bit and then she went home.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the Mob Wives Season 6 reunion filming ended, Renee Graziano tweeted that Big Ang “rocked it and looked great.”

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola passed away early Thursday morning from cancer. All of her Mob Wives co-stars have publicly paid tribute to their friend and co-star. On Friday, Drita D’Avanzo, whose close friendship with Big Ang was documented on the show throughout the seasons, posted a particularly touching and heartbreaking photo of her and Big Ang. The photo shows Drita crying and comforting Big Ang over her cancer fight, which was shown on a recent episode.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]