‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers — Episode 8: Who Goes Home From The Hometown Dates Tonight?

One of the most anticipated episodes of each season of The Bachelor is the one where the hometown dates occur because it’s usually filled with emotional times and drama. Ben Higgins is now going to be taking the final four women on hometown dates for the 2016 season. Out of the four women left, one of them is not going to make it past the hometown dates and it will be the end of the run for Ben’s heart.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

ABC even points out how important these hometown dates are going to be for Ben Higgins as he’s gotten the number of women down from 28 to just four. There was a huge group at the beginning of the season and for these last four to still be standing, they obviously hold a special place in his heart.

the bachelor spoilers 2016 ben higgins hometown dates
For the episode taking place on Monday, Feb. 22, Ben will go from one end of the country to the other for the hometown dates with:

  • Amanda Stanton
  • Caila Quinn
  • Lauren Bushnell
  • JoJo Fletcher

One date will be with Amanda Stanton, the somewhat recently divorced mother of two young children. Ben heads out to Orange County, California, to have a date with Amanda, but also to meet her parents and two kids. CarterMatt even points out the ABC synopsis for that date which makes many wonder how well a single parent will do in the hometown dates.

“Amanda introduces Ben to her two daughters at the beach, and he attempts to win them over. However, the bachelorette’s parents question whether he is ready to take on the responsibilities of being a full-time dad and loving husband. Is this ready-made family too much too soon for the Bachelor?”

Fans will notice a bit of discomfort and awkwardness during the date with Amanda, and that is what has been shown in promos for this episode of The Bachelor. Still, those can’t always bring forth a lot of reliability and may not be good signs of what is truly to come.

Reality Steve reports that Ben will next fly out to Hudson, Ohio, to have a date with Caila Quinn where she shows him around town.

Caila will end up showing Ben the high school she attended and also her father’s toy factory, which is very important to her. The real test on this date will come when Caila’s father interrogates him about being right for his daughter and if he truly is worthy of being the one.

Next up is a hometown date with JoJo Fletcher in Dallas, Texas, and Ben won’t necessarily have as much parent trouble on this date. No, JoJo’s brothers end up giving Ben a hard time and he’s going to have to make it past them to leave a good impression.

For the final hometown date, Ben Higgins enjoys a lot of local fun, food, and whiskey of Portland, Oregon, with Lauren Bushnell.

Together, the couple seems to avoid a good bit of the drama that comes in the other three hometown dates in this episode of The Bachelor. Some good good, a few drinks at a whiskey museum, but there is more to come. Ben Higgins can’t escape all of the emotional feelings as Lauren’s sister confronts him with some hard questions about if he’s being true with other women still around.

It’s going to be a fun yet emotional episode of The Bachelor, but only three of the four remaining women will make it through. Ben is going to have to send one home, and maybe meeting her kids was the true test as he eliminates Amanda Stanton.

Yes, the spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Bachelor show that Ben Higgins is going to send Amanda Stanton home and only three will remain. After that, it’s down to the overnight dates, the “Women Tell All” special, and then the 2016 season finale.

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