Chinook Salmon Fishing Season In Idaho Starts September 1

Chinook salmon fishing season for the fall commences September 1, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, in Idaho based on rules established by the state’s Fish and Game authorities.

The Chinook salmon harvest season in the Snake River and lower Clearwater River areas runs to October 31, unless the Commission provides notice of an earlier end date.

According to the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Wash., various regulations apply including…

Anglers must have a valid Idaho fishing license and salmon permit in possession to fish for salmon. A salmon permit used during the spring or summer season is still valid for the fall season.

There is apparently a daily limit of six adult fall Chinook, and the possession limit is 18. Check the Idaho Department of Fish and Game website for complete details on Chinook salmon seasons and rules, which are subject to change.

Chinook salmon seem to be thriving in the Northwest:

Fishery managers predict 18,272 adult hatchery origin Chinook salmon will cross Lower Granite Dam, the last of four federal dams on the lower Snake River on their way back to Idaho

The Chinook salmon is the largest species in the Pacific salmon family and is found in areas ranging from California to Alaska as well as in other parts of the world. A large Chinook is a prized and sought-after catch for sport fishermen. The flesh of the salmon is also highly valued for its dietary nutritional content, which includes high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which offers many health benefits.

Have you ever visited Idaho for Chinook salmon fishing or otherwise?