Michael Jackson- pimp my casket

Michael Jackson dug James Brown’s fly casket so hard, he picked one out to bling his way into the afterlife. How Egyptian.

The pimptastic ride coffin, the “Promethean” model, is lined in blue velvet, cast in solid bronze and plated in 14-karat gold. Classy! The coffin isn’t a stock model, and it’s being custom made by Indiana-based Batesville Casket Co. The flashy casket costs $25,000.

The cash-strapped Jackson is being sent off at the Staples Center in equally broke-ass Los Angeles. Older brother Jermaine confirmed to press that a private service for family and friends would precede the grotesque spectacle public funeral set for Tuesday morning.

Tickets for Michael Jackson’s funeral are expected to be free, although the city has not yet confirmed how they plan to distribute them. Tick tock, LA… The organizers for Jackson’s ill-fated and seemingly fatal concert series in London spoke to Fox News and indicated the complex issues of crowd control and ticket distribution were being deferred to crowd-control and event organizing expert… Katherine Jackson?