Hepatitis C Outbreak: Former Hospital Employee Arrested For Spreading Disease

A recent Hepatitis C outbreak at a New Hampshire hospital has resulted in the arrest of a former employee. David Matthew Kwiatkowski, 32, was arrested in Massachusetts for “obtaining controlled substances by fraud and tampering with a consumer product.”

The FBI reports that Kwiatkowski, who worked as a technician at Exeter Hospital, allegedly caused “at least 30 individuals to become infected with the blood-borne virus that can cause serious damage to the liver.”

UPI reports that Kwiatkowski is being charged with drug diversion. The FBI believes that he switched patients syringes, stole their drugs, and infected several patients with Hep C.

The FBI writes:

“(Kwiatkowski was seen) leaving the CCL during procedures, sweating profusely, attending procedures on his off-days, and engaging in other suspicious behavior. One witness claimed that he appeared to be ‘on something’ while another witness claimed to have observed ‘track marks’ on his arms.”

United States Attorney John P. Kacavas added:

“The evidence gathered to date points irrefutably to Kwiatkowski as the source of the hepatitis C outbreak at Exeter Hospital. With his arrest, we have eliminated the menace this ‘serial infector’ posed to public health and safety.”

Boston reports that Kwiatkowski was a traveling technician and hospitals in at least 6 states are investigating the man’s actions. FBI Investigators believe that Kwiatkowski used hospital syringes containing fentanyl on himself. He then replaced the drug with another liquid for patients to use.

If Kwiatkowski is found guilty he could face up to 24 years in prison. He faces 20 years for tampering with a consumer product and four years for obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

Earlier this week, a dentist was accused of a similar crime. Colorado dentist Stephen Stein is being accused of infecting hundreds with HIV after reusing syringes and needles in his practice for decades.