Woman Finds Severed Snake Head In Can Of Green Beans While Making Dinner

One Utah woman was in for a most unusual and disturbing surprise in the form of a severed snake head when she opened a can of green beans on Wednesday. The incident has prompted the Oregon food distribution company to halt some of the shipments of said canned green beans.

Troy Walker of Farmington, Utah, was the one to make the unsettling discovery when she and member of the Latter Day Saints Church Young Women’s group of Farmington, were busy preparing meals for the elderly members of the congregation on Wednesday night. Walker said she had been in the process of removing the beans from a slow cooker when she spotted the out of place shape and colour of the snake’s head.

“It looked pretty much like a burnt bean, and then as I got closer to lift it off the spoon, I saw eyes. That’s when I just dropped it and screamed.”

Another member of the congregation who was present when the snake’s head was discovered, Chris Smith, said that it was a very small snake head that had clearly been cut up. The discovery brought a lot of excitement to the younger children and the teenagers reportedly found it “kind of cool and fun.” Smith went on to state that they had to then throw out several other large pots of string beans that they were also cooking at the time in order to see if there were other pieces of the snake in them.

According to Fox News, Walker took the snake head along with the empty can back to the grocery store where the items had been purchased. The employees were apologetic and issued her a full refund for the approximately 30 cans of green beans that had been purchased to prepare the meals. She decided to leave the snake head at the store, but she did take a picture of it along with the can and sent it to distribution company, Western Family based in Portland, Oregon.

Western Family is currently investigating the incident. The vice president of quality control for the company, Sharon McFadden, has stated that the company takes the presence of foreign matters in their products very seriously and will be working with the supplier of that particular batch of green beans to find out exactly what happened. In the interim, they have placed all the shipments of that batch from the supplier on hold. McFadden did not provide the name of the supplier, only stating that they were based in the Pacific Northwest.

Western Family is also working to find out exactly how many cans were in that particular batch of green beans and where they were shipped to. Oregon Live reported that the company’s website states that they distribute over 3,600 products throughout the United States and the Pacific Rim. Once Western Family has ascertained the locations of that batch of green beans, they intend to remove those particular cans from off the shelves as well.

For her part, Walker said that even the next day she was still feeling queasy and unable to eat. She has also stated that she is not upset over the incident and in fact is trying to see the humorous side of the events in question and finding the snake’s head is already becoming a fun tale to tell among her and her friends. Troy Walker also mentioned that she really hopes that nobody else finds the rest of that snake in their green beans.

This weekend Troy will be hosting a family dinner and joked that she had to be very clear about what will be on the menu, or rather what won’t be on it – green beans.

“I said, ‘I promise I am not going to serve green beans. We are not having green beans.'”

[Photo Courtesy of Troy Walker/AP Images]