Will Ferrell Brings ‘Endangered’ Chicken, Cat And Guinea Pig To Live Interview

Will Ferrell appeared on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show wearing tight pants, as reported by The Wrap. During the Tight Pants sketch, the 48-year-old actor appeared in tight white trousers and then broke out into song.

Following a beat, Will Ferrell sang “everybody is lookin’ at my tight pants,” and then Christina Aguilera appeared on stage, forming a hilarious collaboration on stage. The duo sang about how tight their pants are, and then they were joined by host Jimmy Fallon, who brought up a pretty serious question.

As Aguilera plays Will Ferrell’s wife in the segment, Fallon raises the question of Aguilera’s fidelity. Then, the question of paternity comes into the focus of their theatrical conversation, and they leave the stage, making everyone wonder how a baby would be “swaddled in the tightest of pants.”

Watch the full version of the hilarious Tight Pants sketch here.

A new video series featuring Will Ferrell was launched by the Natural History Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits last week, according to LA Curbed. In the videos, the Elf actor is joined by famous Los Angeles artists Mark Bradford and Gary Baseman.

The videos featuring Will Ferrell have the goal of attractacting people to share their museum experiences via social media with the hashtag #HowDoYouMuseum. Dressed in a dirty white lab coat, Will Ferrell and the two artists explore the museums that had inspired them.

During an interview with Huffington Post, Will Ferrell and his Zoolander 2 co-star Kristen Wiig sat down with Matthew Jacobs to answer a couple of fun questions. One of the questions was “Which presidential candidate would you give a VH1 fashion award to?”

Puzzled by the question about the U.S. Presidential election, Will Ferrell answered that it’s “tough to say,” since “they all kind of look the same.”

Last week, Will Ferrell brought a gun and a cat to Stephen Colbert’s live Late Show after Super Bowl 50, as reported by Deadline. The gun, of course, wasn’t real, but it still made the host worried for his safety.

During the interview, which was scheduled for the 48-year-old actor to promote his new movie Zoolander 2, Will Ferrell revealed that he had not watched the Super Bowl game, because “there was a three-hour Downton Abbey.”

As soon as Will Ferrell appeared on stage, the first question Colbert asked was about the actor’s outfit. Ferrell was dressed in green shorts and vest, knee socks and a brown leather hat.

Answering Colbert’s question, Will Ferrell explained that he had noticed the show had no animal expert yet, which is why he took it upon himself to make the change. Ferrell’s assistant then brought a kitten on stage, and Ferrell tried to convince Colbert that it’s an extremely aggressive short-spined Peruvian mongoose.

Colbert did not believe Will Ferrell, and said that it looks like a “kitty cat.” Ferrell revealed that there is only one mongoose in Peru because “they’re so d*mned delicious.”

A guinea pig was then brought out by the same assistant. Will Ferrell once again tried to mislead Colbert by telling him that it’s Kayak, a Mongolian bush tiger.

“He is going to grow to 11 feet long and weigh over 600 pounds. He can take down a full-grown moose.”

Focusing his attention on the rifle strapped to Will Ferrell’s shoulder, the host asked why the actor is carrying a gun, and Ferrell was quick to make excuses.

“If this bush tiger escapes, I’ve got to take it down. It’s the last one in existence, so it’s got nothing to lose.”

Will Ferrell then warned Colbert that the guinea pig “is ready to rip your face off.” At the end of the interview, a chicken was brought out.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]