Katy Perry Attends Event With Her Ex, Invites Rival Taylor Swift To Grammys Party

Katy Perry will feature at Hillary Clinton’s new show, “I’m With Her,” which will also include such music stars as Elton John and Andra Day, according to Billboard. The concert will be held at Radio City Music Hall on March 2, which is the day after Super Tuesday.

Hillary announced the show via her Twitter account. The poster advertising the concert, which will include Katy Perry, says former U.S. President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton will be present. Tickets, costing $125 each, will go to the Hillary Victory Fund.

Back in October, Katy Perry announced her support for Hillary at a concert in Iowa, singing “America the Beautiful” and her own hits.

Katy Perry has also been making an effort to smooth things over with her rivals. It was reported by People that Katy Perry is set to end her feud with Taylor Swift. According to Perry, she invited Swift to a pre-Grammy party, which was hosted by Perry in cooperation with Spotify.

Katy Perry, who hosted one of music’s biggest pre-parties, also revealed that she planned to spend the Grammy Awards in her pajamas with a bowl of matzo ball soup with “Vicks creams on” instead of dressing up and looking perfect (and she always does look perfect).

Katy Perry told of her vision for the party.

“It’s a mixture of new and familiar artists, a combination of the past two years’ Grammy nominees and also [acts] from the Spotify Discover playlist.”

The news came as a surprise, since it was recently reported that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were allegedly involved in a feud. After attending the Grammy Awards for eight years in a row, Katy Perry said she is now trying to keep things “as pure as possible.”

Katy Perry also revealed in the interview that she is “slowly” working on her new album. There are no further details about the album at this stage, so Katy Perry’s fans will need to keep watching social media for news.

Last Friday night, exes Katy Perry and John Mayer were spotted at Adele’s gig in Los Angeles, as reported by the Mirror. As posted earlier by the Inquisitr, Adele has been singing about breakups for years, so perhaps it is unsurprising that the ex-lovers would feel comfortable attending together.

Katy Perry, who is rumored to be dating The Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom, was seen arriving at the Adele’s concert, while her ex Mayer was spotted with a brunette by his side in the crowd last Friday night.

The night could have turned into an awkward night, as Katy Perry, Bloom and Mayer could have run into one another. Katy Perry was photographed on the balcony of the event alongside Bloom and other celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone.

Mayer arrived at the show at the very last minute, which means he could have been unaware of his former girlfriend’s presence, according to rumors on Twitter. Katy Perry and John Mayer dated for three years and were last seen together in January this year.

But the two seem to have already moved on, as Katy Perry is rumored to be dating Bloom, while Mayer had a gorgeous lady by his side at the event. Even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed that Perry and Bloom are seeing each other, the two have been spotted together numerous times lately.

Katy Perry and Bloom were first spotted by paparazzi looking cozy at a Grammy Awards after-party last month. And then the two were photographed eating dinner at Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]