Kimbo Slice Wins Bellator 149 But It Was Embarrassing And Fans Are Begging Him To Retire [Video]

Kimbo Slice beat a rival from his street fighting days, Dada 5000, in one of Bellator 149’s main card events. The animosity between Slice and Dada has grown over the years and fans were looking forward to an all out slugfest. Instead, fans were disappointed when both Kimbo and Dada gassed out halfway through the first round. What was expected to be a quick knock out victory for either opponent, turned into an ugly display of two inept street fighters, barely able to stand through nearly three rounds, let alone catch their breath.

Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 at Bellator 149 weigh ins. Image via Bellator Official Facebook.
Slice and Dada came out tentatively, feeling each other out and testing their range. Kimbo then managed to wrangle Dada to the ground despite being at a thirty pound disadvantage, but it was here where both Slice and Dada exhausted themselves. Kimbo was able to maneuver to a full mounted position, but Dada held Slice tightly against him, preventing him from doing any damage. Referee John McCarthy eventually stood them up in what would be the first of many attempts to get the fight rolling.

According to ESPN, Slice’s knockout came at 1:32 of the third round. By then, both Kimbo and Dada had to be helped up from their stools to continue the fight according to announcers. While Dada threw his own series of punches that seemed to stun Kimbo, he didn’t seem to have the stamina to finish the fight. Slice, who is known for his ability to deliver knockout strikes, backed Dada up against the fence and exhaustively swung on his opponent. As Dada stepped away from the support of the cage, Kimbo seemed to swing and miss, but an exhausted Dada tumbled to the mat and Kimbo pounced. McCarthy finally ended the misery for both fighters and spectators alike. According to MMA Mania, Dada 5000 had to be removed from the ring via stretcher.

Kimbo Slice, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson, was a standout football player at the University of Miami. After a year and a half with the school, Slice traded his education for NFL dreams and tried out for the Miami Dolphins. Though Kimbo made the pre-season practice squad in 1997, he was cut shortly after. In the early 2000’s Kimbo made a name for himself by becoming a YouTube sensation for his street fighting ability. Kimbo’s professional MMA career began with Elite XC, and shortly after, the company folded and UFC President Dana White invited Slice to appear on the Ultimate Fighter. While Kimbo had impressed with his strikes on YouTube, his lack of ground game became evident in his first bout of the Ultimate Fighter when Roy Nelson quickly gained control and mounted Kimbo and threw a series of rabbit punches to win the match, thus eliminating Slice from the competition.

Dada 5000, whose real name is Dhafir Harris, became well known after the release of Dawg Fight, a documentary featuring his backyard street fighting venue. In the documentary, Dada claimed to have been a bodyguard for Kimbo Slice and maintained that Slice had backed out on a previously scheduled fight with him. Though Dada 5000 only had two professional fights to his name and hadn’t fought professionally since 2011, his match up with Kimbo was long awaited and highly anticipated as the two traded verbal jabs and put downs — with Slice even asking Dada to compare testicle size at this week’s Belabor 149 press conference.

Dada 5000 poses with Ken Shamrock ahead of Bellator 149 fight versus Kimbo Slice. Image via Dada 5000 Official Facebook.
Despite the anticipation, many fans were disappointed with the over all results, calling Slice and Dada an embarrassment to the sport of MMA on social media — including UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

In other news, Kimbo Slice’s embarrassing performance wasn’t the only hit Bellator took to it’s credibility. The other main event, a much hyped rematch between MMA legends Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock, ended in controversy as Gracie landed a knee to Shamrock’s family jewels. Shamrock took several seconds to react and by then, Gracie had landed another knee to Ken’s temple before twisting him up on the mat and winning the match by TKO from repetitive strikes to the head. Fans were just as much requesting Bellator stop promoting Ken Shamrock as they were Kimbo Slice.

Check out the video below for the full fight — or as some have called it, “fifteen minutes of your life you won’t get back” — of Kimbo versus Dada. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

[Kimbo Slice cover image via Robert Leberge/Getty Images]