Adele’s Audio Failure At Grammys Made Her Skip Afterparty And Eat A Burger

Adele and audio failures almost never coexisted — until Grammys night. During her performance during Monday night’s Grammy Awards, the sound cut out for several seconds, according to The Guardian.

When Adele came on stage and started singing a hit from her latest album 25 – “All I Ask” – the sound went dark for a few seconds, and an extra guitar could be heard playing over her song. The extra guitar is believed to be from Justin Bieber’s band that was warming up on the other stage.

The technical issues were caused by a mic falling into the grand piano. When the audio issues were fixed, Adele, apparently still puzzled by the bad audio, sounded a little out of tune at times, as noted by her fans.

After the show, Adele was calm and even treated herself to a burger after the Grammys, as revealed by the singer herself via her Twitter account.

The bad audio issue was so serious it could have ruined Adele’s performance, with Grammy producers and Adele’s team wondering aloud whether the show had to be cut to a commercial.

Adele wasn’t nominated in any of the categories at this year’s Grammy Awards, as she released her latest album 25 in November, which means it will qualify for the 2017 awards ceremony.

At this year’s Grammys, where Adele faced technical issues with the audio, Kendrick Lamar won the most awards, while Taylor Swift took home the award for the Album of The Year for her 1989.

Kendrick Lamar, who appeared at the 58th Grammy awards ceremony with a politically charged performance, won the following awards: Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album, Best Music Video, and Best Rap Collaboration. The 28-year-old rapper had received 11 nominations at this year’s Grammys.

Instead of attending the Grammys afterparty, Adele wrote in a tweet that she had treated herself to an In-N-Out burger after the show. Even though the “Someone Like You” singer was expected to be seen at the afterparty held at the Hotel Bel Air, she decided to skip it. The most probable reason is that she was still upset after the technical issues during her performance.

Adele, who finally returned to the stage with her performance during a concert at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on February 12, said she felt like Justin Bieber after fans were screaming and chanting her name outside the venue, according to the Mirror.

Seeing that her fans had gathered outside, Adele opened a window and poked her head out to smile at the fans and wave to them. The “Hello” singer also took a couple of shots with her phone’s camera.

Then Adele put her fingers to her lips and asked the fans to be quiet for a second in order to scream to them that she feels like Justin Bieber.

Adele’s concert last Friday could have turned into an awkward night as exes Katy Perry and John Mayer were both spotted at the singer’s gig in Los Angeles, according to the Mirror.

Adele has been singing about breakups for a while now, so it is perhaps not surprising that Perry and Mayer attended her concert.

But that’s only half of the problem, as Perry is rumored to be dating Orlando Bloom, who was also present at Adele’s concert. Mayer, meanwhile, was spotted with a gorgeous brunette by his side when arriving at the venue.

Katy Perry was photographed on the balcony of Adele’s event alongside Bloom and other celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]