Katy Perry’s Clinton Endorsement, Orlando Bloom Relationship Spark Backlash

A lot of people are against Katy Perry lately. Ever since singer Ryn Weaver has accused the pop star of being paid by the Hilary Clinton campaign, new reports about her political endorsement have surfaced.

Katy Perry is just one of the many celebrities who have campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the election. According to a new report on the Free Beacon, the Clinton campaign has paid Perry’s company, Kitty Purry Inc., $70,000 back in December for “event production.” It’s not clear what even the money is for or what is included in the fee. Perry endorsed Clinton back in October and performed at one of her Iowa rallies.

In addition, she will perform alongside Elton John in a special concert for campaign donors in March.

Katy Perry

This comes after Ryn Weaver accused Katy Perry on Twitter of getting paid to endorse Hillary Clinton. She also accused the “Dark Horse” singer of “bullying” her at Coachella last year. Katy has yet to respond to either of the claims. But you can read Ryn’s tweets of their alleged encounter, which has been since removed from her Twitter page.

Clinton’s campaign is not the first to pay Perry’s company. Barack Obama’s reelection campaign paid Kitty Purry Inc. over $128,000 for undisclosed services related to one of his campaign events. Those payments were submitted shortly after the president was reelected.

Now it looks like Katy Perry’s blossoming relationship with actor Orlando Bloom is ticking some people off. Ever since the singer was shown riding shotgun in Orlando’s car with his son, Flynn, some fans think that Katy is moving way too fast.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom

They’re even moving too fast for Victoria’s Secret model and ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Kerr revealed in a recent interview that she and Bloom have established strict guidelines when it comes to introducing their son to their new partners.

“We have to know the person for six months,” she revealed.

According to an alleged insider, Bloom brought along Perry as his date when he and Flynn attended a birthday party for Robert Downey, Jr’s son.

“Miranda went off on Orlando for being so inconsiderate. Those photos of him and Katy playing happy family with Flynn broke her heart, but Orlando said she was being dramatic. Miranda’s always had this hold over Orlando, even after they split. She would never admit it, but she feels very threatened by Katy. Orlando has fallen head over heels.”

Meanwhile, insiders are claiming that Katy Perry has considered marrying John Mayer in the past. The musicians first started dating in 2012, but their relationship has been hot and cold for the next few years. It was assumed that Mayer’s commitment problems were the reason behind their split, but Perry’s friend Robert Tencer dished to Britain’s Heat magazine about their relationship status.

“None of us are surprised to see things with Katy and John totally fizzle out. It’s made, but a year ago she was talking about eloping with him, but he just never committed fully and would never support her. She’d have to go to events on her own. John was like a ghost in her life.”

Sounds like the same kind of ghost that ex-husband Russell Brand acted throughout much of their relationship. Katy even wrote the song “Ghost” about their marriage off her latest album, Prism.

The singer has obviously since moved on with Orlando Bloom. Although neither star has confirmed their relationship, they have been spotted at several red carpet events and other special occasions in and around Hollywood. Perry’s revealed why she’s perfect for Bloom, and even had a message for those who have something to say about their fast-moving relationship.

“Katy would make a great mom and has always connected with kids. She has always talked about wanting marriage and babies. Anyone who thinks it’s too soon for her to meet Orlando’s kids is wrong. Orlando ticks a lot of boxes for Katy – she loves those dark, brooding looks, he’s talented and he treats her like a lady. Katy loved British guys.”

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry? Are you surprised to hear that she’s been paid by the Clinton campaign? Do you think she’s moving too fast with Bloom? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]