James Holmes - What We Know So Far About The Alleged Aurora Theater Shooter [video]

Tara Dodrill

3:21 p.m. UPDATE - James Egan Walton earned "merit based" scholarship to attend college the University of California at Riverside. The college chancellor discussed Holmes during an afternoon press conference. Holmes graduated from the California college with top honors but chose not to walk at graduation, according to Fox News.

3:00 p.m. UPDATE - Local news sources now confirm James Holmes had painted his hair red, presumably to resemble "The Joker" character in the "Batman Dark Knight Rises" series.

2:28 p.m. UPDATE - During an afternoon press conference the Aurora police chief reported James Holmes was wearing a throat and groin guard in additional to other body armor, gas mask and a helmet. The apartment where police officers are attempting to disarm explosive devices has only been the alleged Aurora movie theater shooter's home for several weeks and not for the past year as previously reported.

Aurora police officers identified James Holmes, 24, as the alleged Century 16 movie theater shooter earlier this morning. As details continue to emerge in the the horrific Denver area tragedy which currently carries a death toll of 12, a profile of James Holmes is beginning to take shape. Fox 29 reports Holmes was a PhD candidate in neuroscience at the University of Colorado. The alleged mass shooting suspect was in the process of withdrawing from the Colorado university at the time of the shooting.

Many people who know Holmes considered him a “loner” according to statements published by the New York Daily News. On the rental application for the apartment law enforcement officers are still struggling to gain access to due to “booby traps” set by the shooting suspect, Holmes described himself as “quiet and easy-going.” James Holmes' apartment is located on the third floor of a building in North Aurora, approximately four miles from where the movie theater shootings occurred.

Neighbors describe James Holmes as a “reclusive type” who typically ignored other apartment complex residents when they “said hello,” according to the Denver Post. “No one knew him. No one,” a neighbor told the local newspaper. The apartment building where the alleged shooter lived is a complex specifically reserved for students, staff and faculty of the university's medical program. James Holmes moved into the apartment complex in May 2011 and enrolled at the University of Colorado the following month.

Results from a public records search conducted by the Denver Post note Holmes is a San Diego native and lived in a campus dormitory when attending the University of California. The alleged Aurora shooter has no criminal record, with the exception of a speeding ticket several years ago. Holmes did not have a permit for any of the weapons he allegedly used during the movie theater shootings.

Yearbook photo of shooter James Holmes

James Homes attended high school in San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown stated during a press conference in front of the San Diego home which belongs' to the alleged shooter's parents earlier today. Although Lt. Brown would not release the names of the school James Holmes attended, The Huffington Post reports Holmes went to Westview High School in Carmel Valley.

Law enforcement officers have still not been able to determine why James Holmes had Tennessee license plates in his vehicle, there is no record of the alleged movie theater shooter every living in the state. James Holmes' father is allegedly flying to Aurora to be with his son, but his mother remains in San Diego. Formal charges have not been filed but a hearing is tentatively planned for Monday.

Updates about James Holmes will be added as information becomes available.