‘GTA V’ Is Offering Extra Event Rewards For Online Co-Op Missions This Week

After its initial launch on last-gen consoles back in 2013, Rockstar Games has continued to provide regular support to Grand Theft Auto V‘s online multiplayer mode with the frequent addition of free content updates. Unfortunately, while GTA Online originally contained plenty of play options tailored to fans seeking both competitive and cooperative gameplay alike, most of the features that have been recently introduced to Grand Theft Auto V have been exclusively geared towards opposing deathmatch-style game sessions.

However, Rockstar Games is taking the time this week to celebrate the co-op contact missions that can be found within GTA Online. While the developer isn’t actually adding any new cooperative missions to the game, the official Rockstar Newswire blog announced that users will receive bonus rewards for completing certain online missions as part of a current, week-long GTA V event.

To help players more easily group up for this week’s co-op event, a different selection of contact missions will be eligible for extra payouts of cash and RP in GTA Online each day of the week. On Friday, gamers will be able to earn the bonus for any of Simeon’s jobs, as contact missions from Ron and Trevor will be boosted over the weekend. Rounding out the event will be a rotation between different online jobs offered by Martin, Lester, and Gerald stating on Monday, and running through Wednesday of next week. To end the event, Rockstar Games will be offering the bonus rewards to all GTA Online co-op jobs on Thursday.

“Capitalize on your nefarious network of criminal contacts and reap double GTA$ and RP every day this week as part of Friends In High Places Week in GTA Online. Each day through Wednesday February 24th, a different contact in your iFruit will be offering double the standard amount of GTA$ and RP for completing the GTA Online missions they’ve sent you – and on Thursday February 25th get ready for the grand finale as all Contact Missions will be rewarding double.”

GTA Online contact missions
In addition to earning bonus payouts during this week’s Grand Theft Auto V event, Rockstar Games is also giving fans access to online discounts on in-game ammo so they can be properly prepared to take on any challenge that the different contact missions have to offer. While the event is live, all rifle rounds and body armor sales will be half-priced while grenades and sticky bombs can be bought for 25 percent off. Furthermore, a unique sale will also be available during each day that will offer additional sales on everything ranging from the new stilt house properties to firearms.

“To keep you properly equipped for a week of fast wheels and deadly deals, Ammu-Nation is kindly slashing its prices on select items right now all the way through Thursday Feb 25th. Lock and load with discounts.”

GTA Online party
This week’s new GTA Online event is just the latest in a long history of bonus features that Rockstar Games has rolled out to fans. In fact, the current event began just one day after the last multi-day event concluded. Rockstar Games was giving players extra rewards for completing the new adversary mode that was introduced alongside the recent Valentine’s Day update.

As the Inquisitr reported, the holiday-themed update added dozens of new clothing options that included items such as new suites and lingerie. Unlike all previous Grand Theft Auto Online holiday updates, which are generally only available for a limited time, all of the Valentine’s Day content was permanently added to the game. This even included the new vehicles introduced as part of the update.

Would you like to see more co-op content added to GTA V in the future or do you prefer playing against others in competitive matches?

[Image via Rockstar Games]