Perrie Edwards Debuts Joey Devries, Gets Weird For Tour

Perrie Edwards is just a few weeks away from her Get Weird Tour with Little Mix and she likely has no time for Zayn Malik. This is especially true because Perrie Edwards is about to go on tour with the Mix Men and Joey Devries.

First noted by SugarScape, Little Mix and Joey Devries were proud to announce around February 18 that they would be touring together for the Get Weird Tour starting March 13.

As it appears, Little Mix and Perrie Edwards will be introducing Joey Devries to the world since he is a virtual unknown online — unless fans know where to look.

For example, Perrie Edwards and her band will be really shining a limelight on Joey Devries because his YouTube account has only one video, “Never Ever,” and very few online references otherwise.

However, Joey Devries is clearly popular enough to be an essential part of the tour with Perrie Edwards because he does have a strong following in some areas of social media. For instance, Joey Devries has over 60K Twitter followers and a long list of videos of him singing on Facebook.

Although having Joey Devries on tour is definitely going to make things more interesting for Perrie Edwards, he is not the only musician she is admiring. Gay Times reports on February 17 that Perrie Edwards and Little Mix want to collaborate with The Spice Girls.

Perrie Edwards and Little Mix will boost the fame of Joey Devries

Adding to this, the Mirror reports that Perrie Edwards also has a crush on Cheryl Fernandez-Versini for giving her support after Zayn Malik broke up with her. About her feelings for Cheryl, Perrie Edwards stated the following.

“Cheryl is incredible. She has been a very good friend to me, particularly recently. She is the nicest person in the world. She knows what we’ve gone through and has great advice.”

Despite this, Perrie Edwards did not appear to be hurting on Valentine’s Day for her old boyfriend Zayn Malik despite the fact that Look quoted Perrie on February 12 saying, “I’m really romantic, but Valentine’s Day makes me feel a bit funny.”

Instead, Digital Spy reports that Perrie Edwards and Little Mix spent Valentine’s Day singing Disney classic love songs.

On February 19, insiders reported that Perrie Edwards was “playing the field,” according to TV3, but said she was doing this because she wanted her next relationship to be serious.

In fact, insiders say Perrie Edwards is “reading about love to help her find the perfect relationship one day. The books are telling her to come across as more unattainable. She doesn’t want to repeat the nightmare she went through with Zayn.”

Perrie Edwards is often accused of dating dancer Claudimar Neto

Of course, fans are aware that, in the end, Perrie Edwards is moving on from Zayn Malik in full force and she is using this energy to prepare for one of the best tours ever.

In the past, Perrie Edwards’ bandmates criticized her for being “boring” on tour when she was with Zayn Malik, and J-14 says they are looking forward to her new take on being single.

As if she is already embodying the “Get Weird” spirit, Perrie Edwards has been posting pictures on Instagram of her partying with the Mix Men.

In many of the pictures posted on the Daily Mail, they refer to Perrie Edwards partying with a “mystery man” — but true Little Mix fans know that this is Claudimar Neto AKA one of the Mix Men backup dancers.

Naturally, Perrie Edwards looks sexy and happy in the pictures where she is flanked by “friend” Claudimar Neto, and this makes it easy to speculate they are romantically involved.

This is especially true when Perrie Edwards captions pictures of her with Claudimar Neto with “Crazy crazy night with a bunch of crazies that I love like crazy!”

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]