‘Big Brother 18’: Robyn Kass Gives Audition Tape Advice–Rumors Of All-Star Season–Julie Chen Talks About The Show’s Beginning

CBS announced that Big Brother 18 will premiere on June 22, 2016–no one knows for sure if it will be an All-Star season or new cast members. Casting director, Robyn Kass revealed the key things that they look for when they select the applicants to interview for the show. She included a list of stuff not to do on your audition tape. Julie Chen talks about the show’s rough beginnings and how close the show was to total cancellation. Can you imagine not spending your summers watching Big Brother?

Ever since last season ended, Big Brother 18 spoilers have been circulating that this season would be All-Star 2. At the moment, it has not been confirmed, and the reality program has issued the regular casting calls that occur every March in preparation for April open auditions. This year is not any different, and many people are wondering if an All-Star 2 season is even possible.

Big Brother Access posted a video of Robyn Kass advising the prospective Big Brother houseguests the right way to tape a video. Her pointed included–be prepared before taping, don’t whisper and speak clearly and at the right audio (do not whisper), and be expressive, but not overly so. Kass showed examples of each “what not to do” with past houseguests audition tapes. It is definitely worth watching and quite amusing.

For quite some time, the fans have been pretty convinced that this season will be an All-Star season. Each year, the fans become excited at the possibility that they could see some of their favorite reality TV stars, only to feel disappointed when the show rolls out a season with all new cast members. Adding to the suspense this year, Big Brother 16 star, Frankie Grande, implied that he was asked to compete again on the show. It created a fan panic when social media assumed this must mean an All-Star 2 season is a go.

Big Brother Network noted that in the next few weeks, Big Brother should announce where you can go for an open casting call. According to the report, typically each year between April and May, the casting team travels to try to locate the perfect cast for the show. BBN stated that he didn’t expect this year to be any different than seasons past. Also, he explained even if they are planning an All-Star season, they would still do regular casting calls, and announce the seasoned cast right before the show premieres.

Big Brother ‘s host, Julie Chen spoke about her experience working on the reality TV show, especially the early seasons on The Talk. Julie explained that the first season was a bust and did terribly. The Big Brother fans were critical of her, being a journalist breaking into reality TV, and she started questioning her why she wanted to get involved. Chen explained that she began asking for dangerous assignments to prove that she was worth of the Big Brother project. After the show was saved and revamped during season 2, the fans were much kinder to her, and she feels as if Big Brother is the second home to her. After 17 seasons, she is thrilled the show is still around and a well-ranking show. Watch the video below, her confession about Big Brother’s rough start is at 1:29-minute marker.

Robyn Kass explained in her video (above) that the deadline to apply and audition for Big Brother is April 22. Kass added that the show would not hand out an extension for the audition tape like they have in seasons past. She urged those who think they want to apply should do so early, as the casting calls will be scheduled in late April to early May. Do you think you have what it takes to win Big Brother? Do you believe that this year will be an All-Star Season?

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[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]