‘World Of Warcraft’ Alpha Now Includes New Infernal Mounts, Epic Quality Pet Stones For Battle Pets

With the Legion alpha well underway, a steady stream of World of Warcraft information is being revealed. There is no non-disclosure agreement for the alpha, and players lucky enough to be invited are free to post images, take video, and discuss the game’s upcoming changes. The newest build for the alpha is no different from previous ones considering the wealth of information it includes. New mounts, new pet stones, and other highlights from this build may interest the collectors in World of Warcraft.

For many, one major aspect of Legion will be the plethora of mounts that will be added to the game when it launches. In the most current alpha build, a number of new mounts can be previewed thanks to World of Warcraft datamining websites like WoWhead. For instance, five infernal mounts are in the files of the alpha sporting an elemental model. Similar to the Warlock’s infernal summon, the mount clearly lets players ride atop the creature’s back while it strides on its hands and feet. Crackling energy connects the disjointed body of the infernal as it moves.

World of Warcraft

The infernal mounts join a variety of other mounts that will come to World of Warcraft when Legion releases. A new fox mount, a spider mount, a fel core hound mount, and many others are planned to release sometime after the expansion releases. There are even falcosauras mounts in the latest alpha update for those looking for a more feathery raptor mount.

Another type of collection in World of Warcraft could also be expanded with Legion. Although plenty of new battle pets are sure to release when the expansion launches, the expansion might also introduce a new pet stone that can upgrade pets to epic quality. The stone would improve a pet’s statistics, but many pet collectors are concerned about the addition. In fact, a World of Warcraft developer chimed in on his personal Twitter account concerning the new pet stone asking if a purely cosmetic upgrade would be preferred.

World of Warcraft

The latest alpha build for Legion, the next World of Warcraft expansion, also introduces a few new iterations to a handful of specializations. According to a developer post on the official forums, eight classes or specializations were touched on with some receiving significant changes. Mages and Death Knights will notice revisions to some of their talents. Specifically, Mages will find that their level 30 talents are altered and some abilities are now baseline. Death Knights will find several new or changed talents among all three specializations. As for select specializations, Shadow Priests’ upcoming Voidform is now an active ability, Protection Warriors will utilize a new rotation, and more. Check out the updated calculators on MMO-Champion for more details.

Of course, all current content in the World of Warcraft alpha test is subject to change. The sixth expansion to the popular MMORPG will not release until summer of 2016, giving developers plenty of time to add or remove features, content, or models. Legion is expected to release on or before September 21, adding a new region to the game, the new Demon Hunter hero class, artifact weapons, major class redesigns for select specializations, and a brand new transmogrification system.

Summer, 2016, will also include the theatrical release of the Warcraft movie. Some cross promotion between the major motion picture and the massively multiplayer online game is a possibility, too. As the Inquisitr reported, a survey recently went out to select World of Warcraft fans inquiring about an “Ultimate Movie Edition” of the game. Essentially, if this promotion is approved, a ticket purchase for the Warcraft movie would also include the game’s first five expansions, one month’s worth of game time, and an in-game item. Currently, the promotion is merely being considered and there are no in-game bonuses from purchasing a ticket to Warcraft at this time. Clearly, though, some type of cross promotion between the Warcraft movie and the World of Warcraft game is possible.

Have you been following the additions to the World of Warcraft alpha? What has been the most exciting feature yet?

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]