Dark Knight Rises Shooter Had ‘Sophisticated’ Bombs In His Home

Aurora, Colorado – The Dark Knight Rises shooter James Holmes likely planned to continue his massive killing spree before he was captured by police. The 24-year-old former California resident who moved to Colorado last year to attend medical school was found to have a “sophisticated” bomb in his apartment.

Police took Holmes into custody following the move theater massacre. James Holmes had entered the theater while wearing a gas mask, bullet proof vest, ballistic helmet and military SWAT clothing. Holmes entered through an emergency exit, threw a gas bomb and then opened fire, killing at least 12 people including a baby which he shot has point-blank range.

Following his arrest and a confirmation of his identity police entered the shooters apartment which they say was “booby-trapped” with a sophisticated set of explosives. There are so many explosives in the man’s apartment that bomb experts expect to spend the next several days going through the building.

Holmes was enrolled at the University of Colorado’s graduate school where he was pursuing a PhD in neuroscience but he withdrew from the program last month.

The building where the explosives were discovered was evacuated. James Holmes lived on the third floor of a building used as university housing.

Police believe the attack was well planned out in advance of the Dark Knight Rises shootings because of the meticulous care taken to procure protective gear and Holmes’ staging of the shooting which included parking his vehicle out of sight at the rear of the building by an emergency exit.

More details are still emerging from the event which are updating HERE.